Carpeted by mountains and forests, Chiloe is the largest island of the Chiloe Archipelago, located off the west coast of Chile. If you're looking for a place to immerse yourself in nature, Chiloe Island is the place for you. Explore the trails that crisscross the island, kayak through the beautiful channels, or visit the penguins that are dotted along the coast of Monumento Natural Islotes de Puñihuil. The Chiloé and Tantauco National Parks are worth a visit for their dramatic landscapes and panoramic views. Spend time in the towns and villages on the island to soak up some Chilean culture, and to see the palafitos,
colourful stilt houses built on the water, that Chiloe Island is known for. Wander around the quaint streets and craft markets where you can buy local products, such as alpaca wool sweaters and carved woodwork. Indulge in a traditional Chilean dish called curanto and you'll be sure to leave with a full stomach. The dish consists of seafood, vegetables, meat and other ingredients cooked over an open fire pit with stones placed across the top.

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