Egypt is a fascinating country home to some of the most historical treasures dating back over 5,000 years. But it’s not all museums and archaeological sites. There are many traditions you can experience on your Egypt Easter holiday - one popular activity is to dye eggs red, which symbolises the blood of Christ, or to make a cross out of palm fronds and decorate it with flowers. Thanks to Egypt's sizzling climate you can enjoy balmy evenings and sunny days with a daily average of 26°C. There are many great adventures waiting among the sand dunes or along the banks of the Nile, from the Great Pyramids
of Giza - the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the World, to a camel ride through the desert, a cruise down the River Nile and a trip to the gorgeous Red Sea coastline, teeming with marine life, famous wrecks and renowned coral reefs.

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Exploring Egypt was always my childhood dream but planning a trip to Africa felt like a daunting task. With the expert care and thoughtful collaboration of the entire Original Travel Team, my luxury trip became an unforgettable experience. I used to plan and travel solo but now I know I have incredible guides for anywhere I want to go next.
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