To set off together for Sri Lanka is to find yourselves in the best of all worlds. Whether it’s a trip to meet whales and dolphins, a stroll through botanical gardens, thick with spices, or a dive into the colourful bustle of Colombo or Kandy city, this small island is rich in sensations. So whether you want to discover tea plantations clinging to mountainsides and visit fascinating archaeological sites, or bask on heavenly beaches fringed with majestic palm trees, or take the plunge and opt for the adrenalin rush of white water rafting, Sri Lanka couples holidays are packed with emotion. And, if you’re in the mood for love,
head for one of the numerous luxury boutique hotels now residing in those old colonial mansions, with breathtaking views over jungle, or ocean.

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Miranda has been really wonderful throughout and was always ready to address any point of detail no matter how small. You’ve provided exceptional customer service which has been really appreciated by all of the family. So on behalf of each one of us thank you so very, very much.
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