Sri Lanka honeymoons have got the lot: gorgeous landscapes and fascinating culture, plenty of adventure but an other-worldly tranquility, and the kind of unspoiled palm-fringed beaches you imagine paradise to be made of. In other words, everything you need to start a blissful new life together. Whether you hunger for jungles and rice paddies, are passionate about history and architecture, are drawn to the ocean with its dolphins and whales, feel inclined to deep contemplation, or long for sporty thrills - or all of the above at the same time - this small country is abundant with possibilities. Sri
Lanka also boasts stunning boutique hotels breathing new life into old colonial mansions, evoking a way of life which is both wildly romantic, and effortlessly refined.

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Miranda has been really wonderful throughout and was always ready to address any point of detail no matter how small. You’ve provided exceptional customer service which has been really appreciated by all of the family. So on behalf of each one of us thank you so very, very much.
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