Sri Lanka

Unmissable Landscapes in Sri Lanka

Unmissable Landscapes in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is rightfully renowned for its diverse landscapes, attracting travellers from across the globe to experience some of Mother Nature’s finest work. Whether you’re travelling with your other half or with youngsters in tow, the scenery leaves little room for disappointment; think lush tea hills, stirring mountains and enticing coastlines. Eager to fly to the uniquely pear-shaped island? We’ve compiled a list of some of the most unmissable landscapes in Sri Lanka. Cameras at the ready…


  1. Sunrise At Pidurangala Rock
  2. Views of Tea Hills from Lipton’s Seat
  3. Boat Safari in Gal Oya
  4. The Coastal City of Galle


Sunrise At Pidurangala Rock

Nothing quite beats the feeling of being greeted with astonishing views after an exhausting hike. It’s Mother Nature’s best reward. Pidurangula Rock, located in Sri Lanka’s Matale District, is no exception to this rule. The 30-minute climb may prove tiresome, but the mesmerising view of Sigiriya Rock and the surrounding Sri Lankan landscape are enough to distract you from those aching legs. If you can face an early start, sunrise is the best time to visit when the first golden rays of light melt through the mist rising from the surrounding jungles. Drinking in the view will give you plenty of time to catch your breath and marvel at the neighbouring Sigiriya (nicknamed Lion Rock), an attraction that Sri Lanka’s Tourism Board has touted as the Eighth Natural Wonder of The World. 


Views of Tea Hills from Lipton’s Seat

Walk in the footsteps of Scottish tea baron Sir Thomas Lipton on a private visit to Lipton’s Seat, a huge area shrouded in lush tea hills. Situated at the top of Haputale mountain, with a 360° panoramic view over the tea plantations, Lipton’s Seat itself was said to be Sir Lipton’s favourite view (and you can snap a photograph seated beside his statue). Like Pidurangala Rock, the views here are best experienced early in the day, when the morning mist is still rolling off the hills and the crowds are lighter. With tea being an integral part of the country’s culture, Lipton’s Seat is an unmissable landscapes in Sri Lanka for tea lovers – you can even buy a brew from the small shop at the top while looking at the very place it came from.


Boat Safari in Gal Oya

Forget about seeing elephants on land – have you ever seen them swim? A serene boat safari through Sri Lanka’s largest lake, the Senanayake Samudra, offers the chance to do just that. Situated in Gal Oya National Park, the lake – which was man made in 1951 – draws in a spectacular variety of wildlife: crocodiles, birds, deer, fish and of course elephants. It’s a wildlife lovers paradise. Being on water allows you to connect with nature in a way that a typical 4x4 safari doesn’t – the wind in your hair and gentle rocking of the boat are nothing but experience enhancing. If you get the chance, we recommend visiting in the cooler hours of the afternoon – the water and sky are dripping with colour at sunset, making the landscape and your experience that extra bit special.


The Coastal City of Galle

Last up on our list of unmissable landscapes in Sri Lanka is Galle, a beautiful city with a vibrant history to match. It’s a haven for those curious about the stories behind the stunning landscapes. Galle Fort is the city’s star attraction. Situated on the coast of Galle, the bright white fort – which dates back to the 16th century – is surrounded by time-warped, cobblestoned streets and Dutch colonial houses. It was dubbed a UNESCO World Heritage site for its fusion of European architecture and South Asian traditions, and it makes up just a small part of this unmissable landscape. The far-reaching views of the Indian Ocean are a hypnotic delight and jostling alongside the locals with their crates of fish immerses you into their delightful world. The city’s landscapes are hard to beat and even harder to forget.


Written by Evie Buller