Rather than the typical jingle of sleighbells, listen out for the bodacious bellow of a camel or the reverberating rumble of a 4x4 creeping slowly towards camp, as Santa Klaus in Kenya arrives in excitingly unconventional style. Kenya Christmas holidays will make western celebrations seem exceedingly drab, as you settle into a safari lodge or beachside hotel strewn with vividly coloured balloons, paper garlands, bright flowers and green leaves. Whether you are keeping your eyes peeled for a leopard loitering in a towering tree in the Mara, or snorkelling along the Kenyan coast, make sure
to end your Christmas day with a traditional nyama choma (barbecue) of goat, chicken or beef, paired with heavenly home-brewed beer and raise a glass to cheers to a Merry Christmas, Krismasi njema (Swahili) or nchipai e Kirismas (Masai). Sing, dance and party with locals until Boxing Day is signalled by the sun’s golden glow, readying you for another day of adventures.

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Best holiday EVER. You got it perfectly for us - you are a wonder. Absolutely loved it. It really was amazing and definitely a place that grabs your soul. I have to go back!
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