The Great Rift Valley is a geographical fault line which spans from the Middle East in the north to Mozambique in the south, stretching across an astounding one-sixth of the Earth’s circumference. The section to the south of the Red Sea is known as the East African Rift, where the continent of Africa is, quite literally, splitting in two (albeit very slowly). Dotted along this rift valley are several active and dormant volcanoes, including Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya, as well as a number of alkaline and freshwater lakes, the most notable being Lake Naivasha in Kenya and Lake Natron in Tanzania.
Discover this area and its 40 million years of natural history as part of a safari holiday to Ethiopia, Kenya or Tanzania. Expect to see all members of the Big Five, along with countless other creatures, including flocks of flamingos on the lakes. Discover all our Great Rift Valley holiday ideas below.

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