Itinerary Highlights
    • An East African honeymoon through Kenya's major parks to the beaches of Zanzibar

    • Experience charming lodges in Kenya and a private villa with a swimming pool in Zanzibar

    • Riding in the bush, paddling on Lake Naivasha, dining in the savannah, and a foodie walking tour in Stone Town are all included in the itinerary

    • You'll have access to our additional services, including our smartphone app, airport lounge access, 4x4 with a private guide, and our local Concierge service

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African Honeymoon

This great journey, from Kenya's iconic parks to Zanzibar's dreamy beaches, has been designed for lovers, whether they are celebrating the beginning of their life together or a special anniversary. The trip begins in Kenya. 'Out of Africa' is also a great love story. On board, a private 4x4 driven by a knowledgeable ranger, travel between three of the country's most beautiful reserves. The snow-covered spires of Mount Kenya cover the private Ol Pejeta Conservancy. Stay on a traditional ranch, at the foot of the famous mountain slopes. On safari, at bedtime, park up your 4x4 and settle down for the night. Toast this magnificent journey on the African continent with a refreshing sundowner.
It's a change of scenery and time to experience another beauty on the shores of Lake Naivasha. From your four-poster bed, marvel at the hippos that love to wallow in its fresh waters. During the day, let yourself drift along by boat - such a romantic way to soak up the place. Riding alone through the lake area, with the warm wind in your hair, is another wonderful way to experience the magic. Last leg in Kenya: the unbelievable Masai Mara reserve on the border with Tanzania. Soak up the huge undulating plains, dotted with acacia parasols. Wild animals reign supreme here. To experience the quintessence of romance in the bush, enjoy a table for two in the great outdoors. Dine under the stars and experience a romantic meal served on delicate crockery. After an overnight stay in Nairobi, head for theTanzanian island of Zanzibar. The first night is spent in a delightful house in historic Stone Town, steeped in intoxicating history, flavours and spicy smells. As night falls, explore the fascinating stalls of the nightly street food market in Forodhani Gardens, with a private guide. This is a lively and exciting foodie walking tour. The following morning, enjoy a relaxed walk with a local guide through the Old Town to experience Stone Town with an expert guide. They will be happy to answer your questions about the island, its Omani heritage, its past as a hub of the slave trade and what it's like today. Spend your last days relaxing on one of the island's wildest beaches, far south. In a huge private villa with a swimming pool, nestled in the lush gardens of Zanzibar's most beautiful hotel, the journey ends on a high in turquoise waters.

Your trip

This romantic escape is as seamless as possible to ensure you get the best experience. We take care of the logistics from start to finish. Flights are direct, and there are only three stops in Kenya to reduce the amount of travelling. While others travel by minibus, you enjoy the unique opportunity of travelling around the country in your own 4x4, driven by an English-speaking guide. This makes your experience more comfortable and intimate. The lodges all have open-top 4x4 vehicles, allowing for panoramic views of the surrounding nature. An experienced private ranger tracks wildlife with you twice a day. In Kenya, a century of tourism has yielded some of the best safari guides. Animals frequently approach the lodges, but an encounter in the open space of the savannah is an experience like no other. From Nairobi, a short flight takes you to Zanzibar Island. In Stone Town, two exciting private tours enrich this historic stay on the island. After the first nights' in charming accommodation in the bush, the trip ends on a truly luxurious note in a sumptuous hotel on the beach, in the south of the island. Our local Concierge service will take care of you throughout your journey. If there are any slight setbacks or you have any last-minute requests to do something else, just give them a call and they will gladly advise you.


Everything is 100% tailored to you


You'll have a warm welcome at Nairobi airport and assistance with customs formalities. Meet your private ranger-driver who will take you for a hearty breakfast in a bustling central neighbourhood in Nairobi. Then, drive to Mount Kenya (which takes around four hours), winding between the highlands. On a clear day, you can see Mount Kenya, known as Kirinyaga, and its snow-capped summit, which overlooks the valleys of small farming villages from its summit at over 17,000ft above sea level. Enjoy a two-night stay in the heart of one of Kenya's only private concessions on a traditional farm built in the 1930s on the ancestral lands of the Maasai people, near the slopes of Mount Kenya. Between the ranch and the master house, this beautiful four-bedroom property offers a charming base for adventures in the bush. A large swimming pool complements a lovely garden, the perfect way to relax after returning from your safari.



This extinct volcano, which stands at over 16,400ft, is Africa's highest peak after Kilimanjaro. On the equator line north-east of Nairobi, memorable treks are undertaken through plains, tropical forests, bamboo groves, meadows and snowy peaks. A variety of flora flourishes on the successive stages of the volcano, as well as large populations of elephants, monkeys, buffaloes, zebras, antelopes, leopards, lions, as well as rare species such as bongos and suni. Stay at a private concession of nearly 99,000 acres, located at the foot of the Aberdares plateau. From there, go on safari twice a day in an open-top 4x4, a great way to spot the many rhinoceros that have been reintroduced there.



Head to Lake Naivasha (four-and-a-half hours) along the Aberdares Mountains, until you reach an altitude of 6,230ft. Two-night stay on the shores of the lake in a lovely little camp (eight tents in total), in the heart of an area popular with wildlife lovers. Parquet flooring, dark wooden furniture, canopy beds, elegant dining room under canvas from which a golden chandelier hangs... it all has a colonial and timeless air about it, which is perfectly in line with the spirit of 'Out of Africa'. Each tent is extended by a small terrace with a few deckchairs. Wake up and grab a pair of binoculars to watch, from the comfort of your bed, hippos yawning in the lake.
Included in the itinerary - Riding through the bush. Riding is part of the British colonial culture that is very prevalent, particularly in the lake area. Large properties and lakes are adjacent to traditional reserves and villages. This varied and contrasting area is perfect for riding adventures, especially within the private concessions, which are home to endless wild animals. Being in the saddle gives you the exciting opportunity to get much closer to the animals.



It was on the shores of this beautiful freshwater lake, bordered by hills and acacias, that naturalist Joy Adamson and her husband George settled to reintroduce the lioness Elsa into her natural environment. The success of Joy's novel 'Born Free' helped encourage wildlife enthusiasts to visit Kenya. Spend two days with a working population that shares this rich but fragile territory with wildlife. Lake Naivasha, derived from the local Maasai name 'Nai'posha', meaning 'rough water' because of the sudden storms which can arise, is renowned for its countless birds and hippos. Enjoy a canoe trip to Crescent Island is a unique experience to get up close and personal with giraffes, gazelles, zebras and wildebeest. Your private guide takes you on a safari during the cool hours of the day, dawn and dusk, when the animals are most active.
Included in the itinerary - Private tour of Lake Naivasha and Crescent Island. A lake cruise is an opportunity to experience the wildlife that inhabits the lake, including this impressive population of hippos and its many birds. Naivasha is dominated by the Crescent Island Reserve, which can be discovered on foot, among gazelles, zebras and giraffes moving in complete freedom alongside birds such as pelicans, ibis and herons.



Head to the south of the country in the direction of Masai Mara (around six hours). After the town of Narok, the rugged, green landscapes gradually disappear to make way for the immense bush of the Mara, which some 300 miles later, ends in Tanzania's Serengeti. The light becomes brighter, the heat intensifies: you have entered the region that has made the Maasai people known to the world. The Mara River forms the natural border with Tanzania. Enjoy a two-night stay in the north-west of the park, on the Oloololo Escarpment in the Great Rift Valley, where riparian forests meet the immense plains of the Mara. The camp is home to about 40 tents, erected on wooden platforms around the Sabaringo River. It's the ideal location to sit, relax and look out over the savannah. The vegetable garden produces delicious fresh vegetables and salads for the chefs to cook up for you. A swimming pool is available, as well as a massage tent. As a private concession established in a remote area of the reserve, the sense of immersion in nature here is powerful.



Bordering Tanzania, the Masai Mara is actually an extension of the huge Serengeti Park. The border is crossed by millions of wildebeest and zebras who trample it with their hooves every year during the Great Migration. when these frantic creatures throw themselves into the teeming floods of hungry crocodiles and along banks frequented by hunting lions. The spectacle is one of harrowing beauty and violence.
Included in the itinerary - Two safaris per day. The open savannahs of the reserve offer endless spaces for herbivores. Wildebeest, zebras, gazelles, hartebeest, damaliscus and elk graze in freedom. Their predators, different species of wild animals, are quick to remind them that nature is cruel to those who don't run fast enough. Hyenas, jackals, vultures and marabous then make light work of the remains. The imposing and indifferent elephants reign supreme. The Masai Mara is a complete ecosystem in any season; it's alive, abundant and breathtaking. What you see from your open-top 4x4 will be etched into your memory forever.
Also included in the itinerary - A romantic dinner in the savannah, undoubtedly one of the most iconic experiences of the 'safari lifestyle'. Around a fire, far from civilisation and in the heart of the African bush, enjoy a gourmet candlelit dinner under the magic of the African sky.
Optional - A sunrise safari and breakfast in the bush.



Drive to Nairobi (six hours). Settle in for an overnight stay in a contemporary hotel near the airport. Ideal for this overnight break between the large parks and the second leg of your trip, Zanzibar Island. There's a small garden, swimming pool and fitness area, so you can recover from your journey through the African bush.



Private transfer to Nairobi airport and flight to Zanzibar. Upon arrival, enjoy fast track through customs formalities and a private transfer to your hotel in Zanzibar's Stone Town, the birthplace of this island's history. Overnight stay in the most beautiful bedroom of a house built in 1860 for a princess, the niece of Sultan Sayyid Bin Barghash. Closely linked to the historic monuments, the house benefited from a rejuvenation aimed at restoring the original spaces and decorations while restoring it to be modern and comfortable. In the afternoon, cool off in the small swimming pool on the ground floor. At the end of the day, head to the rooftop to relax in the shaded outdoor lounge, book in hand and a mint tea to go with it, against the bustling backdrop of the port.
Included in the itinerary - Foodie walking tour of the Forodhani Gardens food market, with a private guide. The Forodhani Gardens are part of Stone Town's cultural heritage. This beautiful beachfront park is home to a nightly street food market. Enjoyed by both the people of Zanzibar and tourists, this popular market offers a wide range of local food and drink stalls. During this experience, taste some of the island's most iconic dishes, including Urojo soup, pizzas made in Zanzibar, cane juice and bungo fruit juice depending on the season.



Included in the itinerary - Visit the old town in the footsteps of a local. A World Heritage Site, this maze of narrow streets reveals a blend of Swahili, Indian and Omani cultures. Palaces and houses with luxurious wooden doors are the architectural hallmark of the city, as are the elevated terraces and colourful spice markets. The ancient Sultan Palace and slave market recall a sad part of the island's history, which for centuries was unfortunately one of the main slave ports in East Africa. The area is best discovered on foot, with an expert guide, to experience Stone Town like a local.
Following this visit, private transfer to the beaches of the south coast. The Arabic atmosphere on the outskirts of the legendary city becomes clearly African as you delve deeper into the land. The trail makes its way through the lush Jozani Forest, populated by red Colobus monkeys, to reach the sparkling Indian Ocean and its pristine sandy beaches. Enjoy a four-night stay in the heart of 75 acres covered with tropical gardens and a vast coconut grove lined with one of the best beaches on the island. Your accommodation sets the standard in service, refinement and hospitality. Far from the crowds, in this sublime setting, spend lazy and happy days in your huge private villa with a swimming pool.

DAYS 10 to 12


Zanzibar often boils down to its rich history, its past as an Omani principality, the heart of clove cultivation, or as a slave island. Although you can discover this side of the island in Stone Town, the less-populated coast bordered by powdery white sand and a dazzling turquoise sea shows a completely different side. In the far south, beautiful beaches, a dry climate, light vegetation and coral on the sea bed. The fishing village of Kizimkazi has a gentle way of life and is a perfect location for spotting dolphins from the coast or by boat. It also offers the chance to visit one of the oldest mosques on the East African coast, founded in the 12th century, or the island of Uzi and its small village untouched by tourism.

DAYS 13 & 14


Transfer to Stone Town and return flight via Nairobi. Overnight flight, arriving the next day.

A la carte


Watch the pink light gradually illuminate the immense plains of the Masai Mara, the deciduous dome of the acacia parasols and the hills. The animals are already out at this time of day. During the Great Migration, all the magical African mammals walk in infinite columns under your feet, a view found nowhere else in the world. After your morning adventure, enjoy breakfast in the bush, where a glass of sparkling wine is waiting. Even travelling back through the Mara is like a safari.

Optional - Half day


In the semi-arid area of Kenya, the muddy, red waters of the Ewaso Ng'iro River meander through the land and irrigate the arid Samburu Reserve. A true oasis of Doum palm trees and acacias have sprung up along the way. These shores attract a throng of animals, that leave the dry grasses of the golden savannah to come and drink there. Magnificent Somali giraffes, Waller's gazelles, oryx and rare Grevy's zebras can easily be seen. Big cats, elephants, buffaloes, crocodiles and Somali ostriches are also plentiful. This northern area that is hardly visited but it's well worth the visit for wildlife-spotting opportunities.

Optional - Contact us

A Rough Idea of Price

Dependent on season, accommodation and activities
The estimated cost for this trip starts from £6,675 to £10,660 per person. The final cost of the trip depends on the way we tailor it especially for you. The final cost will vary depending on several factors, including the level of service, length of trip and advance booking time. The exact price will be provided on your personalised itinerary. The average starting price for this trip is £8,530 per person.
  • International flight to Nairobi with a scheduled airline

  • International flight from Nairobi to Zanzibar, round trip

  • Airline taxes and fuel surcharge

  • Welcome and priority customs clearance on arrival at Nairobi airport

  • Welcome and assistance at Zanzibar airport

  • Private transfers mentioned in the itinerary

  • Seven-day hire of a private 4x4 with a ranger-driver in Kenya

  • Two-night stay at Mount Kenya in a double room, full board

  • Two-night stay at Lake Naivasha in a double room, full board

  • Two-night stay in the Masai Mara in a double tent, half board

  • Overnight stay in Nairobi in a superior double room with breakfast included

  • Overnight stay in Stone Town in a deluxe double room with breakfast included

  • Four-night stay on the south coast of Zanzibar in a private villa with a swimming pool, half board

  • Breakfast at Java House in Nairobi

  • Admission to the Kenyan reserves

  • Two guided safaris per day on each reserve

  • Tip for your ranger-driver during your safaris

  • Riding through bush at Lake Naivasha

  • Lake Naivasha and Crescent Island, in private

  • A romantic dinner in the bush in the Masai Mara

  • Foodie walking tour of the Forodhani Gardens food market, with a private guide

  • Private guided tour of Zanzibar's Old Town with an expert guidel

  • Free Wi-Fi throughout your trip with a mini international router allowing up to five simultaneous connections

  • Our local Concierge service
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