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    • Fly over Kenya's most spectacular areas, sleep in refined lodges, spot endless wildlife

    • Guided safaris, dinner in Nairobi, and coolingswimming pools at every leg of the trip are all included in the itinerary

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Kenya from the sky

Experience the majestic magnitude of Mount Kenya, the Great Rift Valley, the dry bush of Samburu, the hills of Laikipia and the great plains of the Masai Mara by bush taxi, where you can take in four breathtaking flights from reserve to reserve. The magnificent diversity of Kenya's landscapes unfolds before your eyes: volcanoes, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, tea and coffee plantations. Africa seen from above imprints its wild beauty into your memories. From the north-west to the south of the country, the trip is divided into three legs. First, the unique ecosystem of the Samburu Reserve, arid but green due to the fertile shores of the Ewaso Ng’iro River.
Seeing cheetahs suddenly sprinting off into these arid areas is unforgettable. A little farther south, Laikipia Plateau is a well-kept Kenyan secret. A land of pale green hills and large lakes, home to a wide range of animals, to be discovered in the greatest exclusivity. An Africa where agriculture and wildlife coexist harmoniously, thanks to the involvement of landowners and responsible tourism. Finally, the Masai Mara, home to the Great Migration, with over 900 square miles of natural wonders. Soak up this iconic safari in all its glory. The Mara River forms the natural border with Tanzania. which is crossed by numerous animals every year during the Great Migration when these frantic creatures throw themselves into the teeming floods of hungry crocodiles and along banks frequented by hunting lions. Their one aim is to reach the great grass plains of Tanzania's Serengeti at any cost. The spectacle is one of harrowing beauty and violence. Spend the last night winding down in Nairobi in a comfortable and very British hotel. Before you leave, get in tune with the city's energy and modernity with a dinner in a trendy restaurant.

Your trip

After a flight in an air taxi, arrive at refined lodges in private concessions, located in a peaceful spot away from crowds. You can look forward to beautiful views, exclusivity, impeccable service, elegant cuisine, and nostalgic, African romance throughout. There is a swimming pool and a spa tent at every leg of the trip where you can relax during the heat of the day before going on a safari. The lodges all have open-top 4x4 vehicles, allowing for panoramic views of the surrounding nature. An experienced private ranger tracks wildlife with you twice a day. In Kenya, a century of tourism has trained some of the best safari guides. Animals frequently approach the lodges, but an encounter in the open space of the savannah is an experience like no other. In Laikipia, ride the ranch's horses and gallop over the hills. These exceptional moments offer the ultimate experience of Kenya. If, along the way, you have any last-minute requests or slight setbacks, just contact our local Concierge service for support and advice. Your 'go-to' contact for anything you might need.


Everything is 100% tailored to you


Enjoy a warm welcome at Nairobi airport and assistance with customs formalities, followed by a transfer by air taxi to the Samburu reserve. Settle in for a two-night stay in a pretty and authentic camp, set in the reserve on the north side of the Ewaso Ng’iro River. The camp is home to ten tents, erected on wooden platforms under the acacia trees and stars. The simplicity of the place is enhanced by more luxurious elements: beautiful bedding, lovely seating area and private viewing deck which extends from each bedroom. The large, carved furniture is charmingly authentic and complements the vibe beautifully. The menu adds a touch of light sophistication to the bush flavours; meals by the water are particularly delightful. Going for a dip in the swimming pool and visiting the small spa are two great ways to relax after your safari. A quiet elephant swaying through the camp may take you by surprise from time to time.



The muddy, red waters of the Ewaso Ng'iro River meander through the land and irrigate the arid Samburu Reserve. A true oasis of Doum palm trees and acacias have sprung up along the way. These shores attract a throng of animals, that leave the dry grasses of the golden savannah to come and drink there. Magnificent Somali giraffes, Waller's gazelles, oryx and rare Grevy's zebras can easily be seen. Big cats, elephants, buffaloes, crocodiles and Somali ostriches are also plentiful.
Included in the itinerary - Two safaris per day. Safaris happen at dawn and dusk, as these cool hours are the best times for viewing wildlife. The animals that live in the bush of Samburu have their peculiarities, linked to the arid conditions of the region, which slightly corrects the course of the river, a place where animals gather daily. Here you may come across slender giraffe gazelles, standing on their hind legs to feed on acacia leaves when they can't find lush grass on the ground. So, with a private ranger, jump into an open-top 4x4 and go off in search of all the legendary animals.



Flight to Laikipia by air taxi. From the sky, soak up a great view of Mount Kenya and marvel at its reflection in the great lakes scattered over the Kenyan Highlands. Enjoy a two-night stay in an intimate and cosy lodge, located in the heart of the Borana Wildlife Conservancy, and entirely dedicated to wildlife conservation. The panoramic views of the Samangua Valley, the rolling plains of Lewa and the Ngare Ndare Forest are truly breathtaking. The landscape, even beyond the pretty garden that surrounds the lodge, is much greener than in Samburu. The atmosphere is romantic, with eight stone cabins of cedarwood and thatch, warmed by an indoor fireplace, and opening onto the surrounding rolling bush. Each cottage has a large bathtub and private veranda for relaxing in privacy. In the kitchen, the chef and his team work with the organic ingredients supplied by the estate's farm. Meals are served in the dining room, but also in the bush; or, for an even more special experience, in a tree cabin. The spa and beautiful infinity swimming pool allow for blissful afternoons.



Laikipia is a relatively lesser-known region, meaning that you won't see numerous other vehicles on safari, all crowding around the same animal reported between rangers on their radios. The Borana Private Reserve holds high standards for wildlife conservation, particularly rhinos. Set against the backdrop of the Aberdare Mountains and Mount Kenya, unwind in the intimacy of this sublime setting over the next two days. Cedar forests, acacia savannahs, plains and meadows make this plateau, east of the Great Rift Valley, a haven for wildlife and a magical place to discover Kenya. It's home to thousands of elephants, along with rhinos, giraffes, Grant's gazelles, lions and leopards. In addition to its extraordinary wildlife and scenery, a stay in Laikipia will involve special encounters with the Maasai, Samburu, Turkana and Pokot ethnic groups.
Included in the itineraryTwo safaris per day. Viewing outings are by 4x4, on horse, mountain bike or on foot. There are so many different and exciting ways to appreciate the wildlife. The compatibility of livestock rearing and wildlife is one of the ideas underlying the management of this private reserve. You can also visit the farming facilities.



Flight to Masai Mara by air taxi. Enjoy a two-night stay in the north-west of the park, on the Oloololo Escarpment in the Great Rift Valley, where riparian forests meet the immense plains of the Mara. The camp is home to about 40 tents, erected on wooden platforms around the Sabaringo River. It's the ideal location to sit, relax and look out over the savannah. The decor is simple, blending nostalgia, romance and modernism. The vegetable garden produces delicious fresh vegetables and salads for the chefs to cook up for you. A swimming pool is available, as well as a massage tent. As a private concession established in a remote area of the reserve, the sense of immersion in nature here is powerful.



Bordering Tanzania, the Masai Mara is actually an extension of the huge Serengeti Park.
Included in the itineraryTwo safaris per day. The open savannahs of the reserve offer endless spaces for herbivores. Wildebeest, zebras, gazelles, hartebeest, damaliscus and elk graze in freedom. Their predators, different species of wild animals, are quick to remind them that nature is cruel to those who don't run fast enough. Hyenas, jackals, vultures and marabous then make light work of the remains. The imposing and indifferent elephants reign supreme, The Masai Mara is a complete ecosystem in any season; it's alive, abundant and breathtaking. while the park feels like Noah's ark. What you see from your open-top 4x4 will be etched into your memory forever.
Optional – Sunrise safari and breakfast in the bush.



Flight to Nairobi and transfer to your hotel. Overnight stay in a large historic establishment in the city centre. We won't reveal any more, except a little hint: you've probably seen this legendary hotel on the big screen. The architecture of this iconic address conveys all the colonial charm of the time, a revival of the Tudor era, with exposed black beams and a very British spirit. The sweet-smelling garden, meticulously cared for, is the icing on the cake. There's a small garden, swimming pool and fitness area, so you can recover from your journey in the heart of the African bush. So, enjoy a relaxing massage, a few strides on the treadmill or a refreshing dip.
Included in the itineraryOne last dinner at The Alchemist With upscale craft shops, terraces, decorative workshops, you'll dine surrounded by the connected youth of the capital. The hours go by and the DJ's catchy tunes lead you to the dance floor.



Private transfer to Nairobi airport and return flight. Overnight flight, arriving the next day.



A la carte

Watch the pink light gradually illuminate the immense plains of the Masai Mara, the deciduous dome of the acacia parasols and the hills. The animals are already out at this time of day. During the Great Migration, all the magical African mammals walk in infinite columns under your feet, a view found nowhere else in the world. After your morning adventure, enjoy breakfast in the bush, where a glass of sparkling wine is waiting. Even travelling back through the Mara is like a safari.

Optional - Half day


North of the Kenyan coast, islands and islets make up the picturesque and bohemian scenery of Lamu. Lamu isn't just an idyllic archipelago with beaches and mangroves... it's a great opportunity to discover the Swahili culture which was born from a blend of African, Arab and Indian cultures. Lamu, full of charm, is the oldest city in the former British colony and even in East Africa. This once thriving harbour is now a haven and a treasure trove of intact architecture.

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A Rough Idea of Price

Dependent on season, accommodation and activities
The estimated cost for this trip starts from £5,870 to £7,590 per person. This trip is tailor-made to your exact specifications so prices will fluctuate. The cost varies according to several factors, including the level of service, duration of the trip and how far in advance you book. The final cost will vary depending on several factors, including the level of service, length of trip and advance booking time. The exact price will be provided on your personalised itinerary. The average starting price for this trip is £6,875 per person.
  • International flight to Nairobi with a scheduled airline
  • Domestic flights mentioned in the itinerary
  • Airline taxes and fuel surcharge
  • Private transfers included in the itinerary
  • Two-night stay in Samburu in a double tent, full board
  • Two-night stay in Laikipia in a double room, full board
  • Two-night stay in the Masai Mara in a double tent, half board
  • Overnight stay in Nairobi in a double room with breakfast included
  • Two guided safaris per day at each stage
  • Dinner at The Alchemist in Nairobi
  • Admission to the reserves
  • Our local Concierge service
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