Spain is a beautiful and diverse country that has been welcoming visitors to its cities, beaches and hinterland for years.


Something to note before you go is that you have to pay a tourist tax of between € 0.45 and € 2.25 per person (over the age of 16) per night. When it comes to hotel beds, 95% of hotel rooms have two beds rather than one double or king-size. This is changing in some design hotels but slowly.


Driving in Spain is easy once you get used to driving on the right hand side of the road. Most hotels have special rates with nearby car parks, but note that in Grenada you can only access the city center is car with a special permit. If necessary you will need to register your license plate with the hotel for communication to the police, otherwise you’ll be caught by cameras and need to pay the fines.


Food in Spain is good, as is the wine, but be prepared that evening meals are served late - usually the Spanish won’t eat before 9pm (probably close to 11pm in the summer when evenings are warm) but some restaurants are catering to British visitors and open earlier. Lunch tends to be early so there’s quite a long gap between main meals, and there’s a siesta period from around 3 to 5pm. You’ll automatically get bread on your table but not water, so you’ll have to order mineral water for the table. Spain is famous for its tapas, including the regional specialty of pintxos in San Sebastian. Nightlife also starts late, with nightclubs filling from around 2am.

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