From Gaudí to Picasso to Dalí, it’s some of the greatest minds in history that have helped build Spain’s vibrant culture and colourful sense of style. Spaniards are known to have exquisite taste, so you’ll need to pack accordingly if you’re planning to visit. We’ve pulled together a checklist of case fillers to help you determine what to pack for Spain.

Top Tips

Before you start throwing items in your bag ‘just in case’, take a moment to think about your trip, because what to pack for Spain differs depending on your circumstances. Things to consider include: the time of year you’re travelling; how long you’re going for and whether you will just take a carry on or check your bag; what kind of activities you’re planning and which destinations you’re visiting. And finally, how many items you’re planning to bring back home. Be sure to check the weather for the places you’re visiting before leaving. Although the south can be warm to hot year-round, the weather elsewhere in Spain can surprise you. It’s important to be prepared for anything and everything. Remember to adjust your summer wardrobe to fit the temperatures in spring, autumn and winter. You may want to add a pair of jeans and a jacket or lightweight raincoat and ditch the shorts. And it’s important to think about layers because temperatures can change drastically from day to night. OK, now you’ve got your head in holiday mode, let’s look at how to nail that packing, starting with a few essentials. 

Gadgets and Gizmos

Capture the gorgeous scenery and amazing architecture of Spain with a good quality camera or smartphone. Don’t forget to pack extra memory cards and chargers to ensure you never miss a moment. And when you’re running with the Spanish bulls and hopping between Gaudí exhibits, you won’t want your phone to die in the middle of the action. While a power adapter is great at the hotel, a portable charger is better for on-the-go adventuring. Be sure to bring along an adapter that won’t fry your electronics. We recommend an international adapter that works in multiple countries and has a built-in fuse protector.

Remedies and Repellents

Between the Sangría de Cava, Menorcan Gin and Blue Wine, a natural hangover cure is a wise precaution. Even if you don’t drink alcohol, Spain’s dry climate can amplify your fatigue. Skip the hangxiety by packing a remedy made with vitamins and electrolytes. Alongside its delicious drinks, Spain is known for phenomenal food. That said, we highly recommend packing activated charcoal or another food poisoning fix just in case you experience an upset stomach. Be sure to stock up on insect repellent, and remember to apply it regularly, especially if you plan to visit during the summer. And in addition to bringing your own personal medicines and treatments, it’s a good idea to pack a small first-aid kit containing plasters, bandages and wound spray.

Sun and Heat Protection

Whatever season you’re travelling, you’ll want to protect yourself from the Spanish sun with a wide-brimmed hat, good quality sunglasses and sunscreen with a high SPF[NP1] . And while the tap water is safe to drink in Spain, the taste differs according to the area. Pop a reusable water bottle with a built-in filter in your luggage and you can enjoy great tasting hydration in the heat.

Versatile Clothes and Accessories

Whether you’re visiting the major cities like Barcelona or Madrid or planning a coastal getaway in the Balearics or the Canary Islands, you’ll find that Spaniards have a great sense of style. Packing wisely means choosing versatile outfits that can be worn in museums and churches during the day and then to restaurants, concerts, and dancing at night.

Chic Separates

Select lightweight and breathable fabrics like linen, cotton and silk and opt for loose-fitting shirts and shorts, or vests and skirts, to keep you cool and comfortable. Tops and bottoms that can be easily mixed and matched will ensure you’re set for whatever adventures await, while a lightweight shirt or jacket will come in handy for cooler evenings or if you need to add a touch of modesty to your look.

Several Swimwear Options

Spain is famous for having some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, so packing the perfect swimwear is essential. Even if you’re staying inland or visiting out of season, you’ll want to make the most of any hotel pools. Don’t forget to throw in a casual shirt, a sarong or a lightweight cover-up for those leisurely paella lunches.

Comfortable Flats

Footwear is noticed in this country, and while flip-flops are great for the coast, they’re generally not acceptable beyond the beach. Given the amount of walking you’ll likely be doing, a solid pair of comfortable flats that are both stylish and supportive will help you to navigate the cobblestones with grace.

A Trio of Bags

If you’re going coastal in Spanish summertime, you’ll want a beach bag that fits all your essentials, including sunscreen, a towel and a good book. Next, you’ll need a small cross body bag that can double up for daytime jaunts and for evening events. And should you wish to indulge in some retail therapy, a packable ‘just in case’ bag is ideal because it counts as your carry on for the flight home and fits neatly under your seat. From charming boutiques to luxury brands, Spain is one of the best places to shop in all of Europe. You’ll be grateful for a bag that folds into nothing then expands enough to carry all your Spanish souvenirs.

Now you know what to pack for Spain, you may wish to add some finishing touches to your trip. Whether you want to explore Spain’s amazing architecture or indulge in its gastronomic delights, our team are on hand to ensure your holiday, like your luggage, is perfectly packed.

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