South Africa Visa Information

British citizens visiting South Africa for 90 days or less do not need a visa.

Passport Validity for South Africa Travel

Your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of your arrival in South Africa. Your passport must be machine-readable and have a free double-page inside (in addition to any amendment/additional pages you have at the back). Visitors who do not have these blank pages will be denied entry.

For more information, please check with the embassy.

Other Important Information

When travelling to Johannesburg or Tambo International Airport in South Africa, only bags with one flat surface are accepted; round or irregular-shaped bags, or bags with long straps, are not allowed. This is to enable the smooth running of the baggage-handling system. Plastic bags are banned in many of South Africa’s neighbouring countries, including Botswana, Kenya and Rwanda, so be aware if you are travelling through these destinations.

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