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Top Picks: Late Summer European Escapes

Top Picks: Late Summer European Escapes

Let's face it, we Brits are obsessed with the weather; from constantly checking precipitation patterns to initiating temperature-related conversations at least thrice per day. So we hate to break it to you with the latest forecast but it's looking decidedly British. Wave goodbye to the endless sunny days of the heatwave as the Great British Summer makes its comeback, with more unpredictable patterns of (delete as appropriate) sunshine/grey skies/rainy/hot/muggy weather than you can wave a Doppler radar at. But it's not too late to catch some late summer sun in Europe and these delightful destinations still have availability right now...


The Peloponnese, Greece

There's nothing quite like feeling the wind flow through your hair, the sun on your face and the thrill of the open road. Add to that the natural grandeur of an unforgettable setting and you're on to a winner, which is exactly what you get on a Peloponnese road trip - drive through the foothills of mountains, stop at picturesque vineyards and olive groves, explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites and discover secret beaches.


Corsica, France

Corsica has all the right ingredients and we're not just talking about the food (think: Franco-Italian fusion); the island has some of the most jaw dropping scenery in Europe, from beautiful beaches to dense forests and towering mountain ridges ripe for exploration. Visit in September and benefit from cheaper flights, thinner crowds and glorious summer weather.


Sicily, Italy

Prominent in works by the likes of Homer and Virgil, Sicily (or the land of the Cyclops) features beautiful Baroque towns, ancient Greek ruins and glistening coastlines. Hit the road to explore the very best of south eastern Sicily, from amphitheatres to piazzas, wine tastings to trekking up the towering Mount Etna - an odyssey awaits on this island.



Combine three holidays in one as you explore the urban, rural and coastal faces of Turkey. Where East meets West, Istanbul is a vibrant, intoxicating metropolis with a rich history and stunning architecture. Flip the coin by visiting the remote caves and underground cities of Cappadocia before decamping to the Aegean coastline for some well-deserved R&R.


Alentejo, Portugal

While Lisbon and the Algarve take most of the Portuguese limelight (and for good reason), nestled in between them is the undiscovered, equally enthralling region of the Alentejo. Home to vast cork oak forests, rolling vineyards and deserted beaches there are endless opportunities to trek, mountain bike, rock climb, windsurf and sail... or indulge in a vinotherapy treatment and bathe in a bath of red with a glass or two on the side.