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The Best Destinations for February 2019

The Best Destinations for February 2019

Let's face it, February is like the Tuesday of the year. The motivation of January and all its 'New Year new me' glory has faded, but we're still a long way off from the warm days of summer. So we reckon that as a reward for getting through the bleakest month of the year (especially if you're currently struggling through Dry January), you deserve a holiday. Lucky for you, we've compiled a list of our top destinations for a last-minute February get away, whether it be for some winter sun in South America or to embrace the cold in Lapland, we've got you covered.



Escape the grey days of February by heading to the land of colour that is Cartagena, a sure fire way to brighten those winter blues. The city's colourful colonial architecture combined with its Latin and Caribbean cultural influences make this one of our favourite Latin American cities. Combine time in the city with a beach break on the nearby Rosario Islands, where you can unwind with a cocktail in hand overlooking crystal-clear waters. Or head slightly further offshore to the island of San Andres, which has fantastic snorkelling as it is part of the third largest coral reef in the world.


Finnish Lapland

While visiting Father Christmas is an obvious attraction, Lapland is certainly not just for Christmas. February is still an excellent time to visit this adventure playground with skiing, snowmobiling, dog-sledding and more on the menu. Northern Finland is a great place to try and spot the Northern Lights, and we can arrange for you to head out with an expert photographer to ensure you get the perfect shot if you're lucky enough to see the elusive Aurora Borealis. We can also arrange visits to a traditional Sami village where you can learn about a way of life that has remained largely the same for some 5,000 years.



February is a fantastic time to head to Uganda in the hope of seeing mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park as it is one of the drier months here, which makes for easier walking conditions. The forest is home to around half the world's dwindling population of mountain gorillas, and while the trek through the thickly-forested slopes is not for the faint of leg, once you reach these majestic primates it all becomes worth it.



Bhutan is a far cry from a relaxing winter sun getaway, so if that's what you're after, I'd suggest moving onto our next suggestion. But for those after something a bit different this February, head to the Gangtey Valley in Bhutan, where you can see the incredibly rare migratory black necked crane. These birds are usually found in the valley from October to mid-February to escape the harsh winters of the Tibetan Plateau, where they return to breed in the summer months; hike through the valley, enjoying the stunning mountain scenery, while attempting to spot these rare birds.


Get Organised: Oman 2020

Oman is an increasingly popular family holiday destination, and so our favourite hotels, particularly those suitable for families, get booked up fast. So if you're looking for some winter sun with a touch of family-friendly adventure during February half term, you'll want to book now for 2020.


Get Organised: Rio Carnival 2020

You may have missed the boat for this year but the carnival will run from the 21 to 26 February in 2020, and during this time hotels book up quickly so now's the time to get in there early. We can ensure you have the best seats in the house to observe the festivities, and can even arrange for you to be part of the carnival itself, riding atop a float or walking alongside one. This is the time to experience Rio at its vivacious best, and if you catch the dancing bug we can also add some Samba lessons to your itinerary.