Los Llanos Holidays: An Overview

Head south-east of Bogota and when the Andean Mountains begin to peter out and the land gets lusher you'll know you have reached the grasslands of Los Llanos, literally translated to 'the plains'.

Until very recently few people ventured in this direction and tourism is still very much a growing industry here, which is exactly the appeal as far as we're concerned. Though there might be few tourists around, there's no shortage of wildlife to keep you entertained, in fact the Los Llanos plains are home to a staggering 700 bird species and more than 100 mammals. We can arrange guided wildlife spotting tours with the experts, so you can tick a few of the more unique species off your list.

Wildlife isn't the only attraction for visitors to Los Llanos though; the stunning scenery also deserves a mention. Visit Cano Cristales River in the La Macarena National Park, where the extraordinary multi-coloured water (caused by algae growing on the river bed) looks like something out of a cartoon, or ride across the plains to get a feel for their vastness.

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