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Loyal to its name ‘Zion’ meaning a place of peace and refuge, Zion Lodge lies secluded from the crowds, nestled inside the Zion National Park, surrounded by red-rock cliffs on all sides. The Park is Utah’s first and it wows with the outstanding beauty of its landscape and diverse flora and fauna.

Like a phoenix Zion Lodge rose from the ashes in 1990 after being destroyed in a fire in 1920, and was further renovated in 2012. The hotel's rustic design adds to its casual and classic appearances conforming with the surrounding landscape. The property boasts 40 historic, wooden Western Cabins, each featuring two double beds, a gas log fireplace and private balcony. Additionally there are 76 bedrooms available within walking distance to the main lodge and trails; all furnished with two queen or king sized beds, en suites and private balconies.

Fill your boots with the Lodge's dining options; The Red Rock Grill is great for breakfast, lunch and dinner, set in wood and stone décor and boasting spectacular views of the canyon and its massive stone walls. The menu includes steaks and Alaskan salmon, as well as vegetarian dishes, all of which are served inside or on the seasonal open-air terrace. The Castle Dome Café offers casual, outdoor dining serving a variety of comfort snack items such as coffees, cinnamon buns, hot dogs and burgers.

The Zion National Park is in the middle of nowhere and being surrounded by 2,000- ft canyon walls the location is a perfect base for outdoor adventures and sightseeing. The National Park itself can be explored in many spectacular ways, be it cycling or horseback riding, the latter being rather exciting for experiencing the wilderness. Many trails are based in the National Park, easily available from the Lodge, offering scenic views while hiking your way through the park, passing the Virgin River and sandstone cliffs. Also sightseeing tours for the surrounding area are available.

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