Not even the experts can agree on where exactly constitutes the American West, but all the Stateside visitor needs to know is that The West is home to two iconic American experiences - cowboy ranches and national parks. Immerse yourself into the scenery of the most legendary Westerns and live out your very own Wild West story, where rocky landscapes and endless plains are the norm and a sense of escape and freedom is around every corner. Away from the metropolitan meccas of the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, there are parts of America that still live as simply as they ever did – with single-street
villages peppered across the landscape that enjoy ancient monuments and sun-scorched deserts as their backdrop. Nostalgic to almost mythical proportions, to get a true taste of cowboy life head to a real-life dude ranch or let your jaw drop as you watch a modern rodeo. Delve into some of the region’s beautiful national parks (there are plenty to choose from), then complete your American West holiday in Las Vegas, Salt Lake City or in the mountains of Montana.

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