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Aloha and welcome to Hawaii, the most isolated population centre on Earth, a mere 2,390 miles from the coast of California and some 3,850 miles from Japan. As you can imagine, this is a place that takes a while to reach, but boy is it worth the effort.

We're seeing a huge increase in interest for all things American, and this extends to the 50th State, way out west in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Despite this remote location, Hawaii is still the easiest part of the South Pacific to reach, and there is plenty of indigenous culture to enjoy alongside the creature comforts that mainland Americans do so well.

A luxury holiday to Hawaii also dovetails beautifully with either California or the west coast of Canada to provide perfect combinations or an ideal multi-stop honeymoon.

And so to the islands themselves, the remnants of massive volcanoes that burst from the ocean floor millions of years ago, and which are still growing strong. Seven of the eight main islands are inhabited, and because they are so easy to get between, we would highly recommend combining two or more on any trip, because they all have something different to offer.


If we had to choose one island for a luxury Hawaiian holiday (don't do it!), it would most likely be Maui, home to 80 beautiful beaches and beginner friendly surfing conditions; a snorkeller's paradise in the vast submerged Molokini crater; wonderful trekking and riding country and the famously dramatic switchbacks of the Road to Hana. Take the ferry across to neighbouring Lana'i and the trip often also doubles as a whale watching trip.


Lana'i itself goes by the nickname of 'Hawaii's most enticing island', which might explain why billionaire Larry Ellison of Oracle fame splashed a cool $300 million on buying 98% of it. The island's main draws are a wonderfully laid back vibe (the speed limit on the island's traffic light free 30 miles of roads is 30 mph) and the chance to swim with spinner dolphins in beautiful Manele Bay.


Next stop Kauai, the so-called 'Garden Island' that doubled as Jurassic Park in the movie and which is also home to Waimea Canyon. The American obsession with branding everything in sight means that sure enough this too has a strapline - 'the Grand Canyon of the Pacific' but branding or otherwise, Waimea, at 3,000ft deep is mighty impressive.


The observant among you might have noticed we haven't yet mentioned Honolulu. Well, it's on the island of Oahu and the only proper city in the islands, with a lively nightlife and great (and very American) shopping and also home to Pearl Harbour for history buffs to explore.


Finally, the big one - Hawai'i island itself, which is nearly twice as big as all the other islands combined. This is the place to see searingly hot molten lava and the vividly coloured volcanic sand beaches that show the massive geological forces still at work in the islands. Horses or helicopters are a great way to explore the bizarre lunar landscapes.

As you can see, there's plenty on offer on a luxury holiday in Hawaii and if (like us, if we're completely honest) you have preconceptions of a destination that long since sold its South Pacific soul to Americana, think again.

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humpback whales in hawaii
If You Do Three Things
Whale Watching In Maui

Witnessing North Pacific humpback whales (one of the world's four humpback populations) in their natural environment is among the most unforgettable marine wildlife adventures you can have. These majestic mammals grace Hawaiian waters year after year on their annual migration, meaning that between December and March you're almost guaranteed a sighting. Listen to their beautiful underwater songs on the hydrophone and meet them face to face on a snorkelling tour.

hula dancer in hawaii
If You Do Three Things
Luana Evening

With pina colada in hand and your favourite Hawaiian shirt on, enjoy an evening at a traditional Luana. Enjoy a hula performance, an iconic dance involving plenty of hip swaying and foot tapping that has become a worldwide symbol of Hawaiian culture, and maybe even give it a go yourself. Head to the beach to listen to traditional Hawaiian music and watch captivating cultural dances and demonstrations.

rainforest in hawaii
If You Do Three Things
Immersive Helicopter Ride

See the island from a bird's eye perspective on a thrilling helicopter ride over some of Maui's most dramatic landscapes. Departing from Kahului Heliport, you'll fly along Maui's North Coast with views of breathtaking sea cliffs and cascading waterfalls, and get an aerial perspective of the Road to Hana and the iconic Jurassic Rock. Descend and land deep in the Hawaiian rainforest and immerse yourself in the lush vegetation.

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Hana Highway, Hawaii
Deeper Cuts
Head off the beaten track and uncover the little-known gems of a destination
Drive the Hana Highway

Take a full day for a leisurely drive along the 52 miles of the Hana Highway from Kahului to Hana. The highway meanders along Maui's north-west coast, over narrow one-lane bridges and past tall green cliffs, waterfalls, beaches and locals selling tropical fruit on the roadside. Make the most of the temperature being in the mid to high twenties by doing this drive in a convertible.

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A Note on Price

Return flights to Hawaii will set you back north of £1,000 per person, and for a two week stay in good quality accommodation, you should budget from £3,500 per person.

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