Nicknamed by Mark Twain a hundred years ago as 'The Grand Canyon of the Pacific', the Waimea Canyon on Kauai Island is the Pacific's largest Canyon and a must-see geological wonder for everyone strolling around this region. Up to 3,400 metres deep and 10 miles long, this truly is an impressive natural wonder. The Waimea Canyon Drive leads to a lookout and the main Waimea Canyon overlook, offering panoramic views of Kauai's inland. The road continues into the mountains and ends at the Kokee State Park. Situated at 3,400 feet, the Waimea Canyon Lookout is the most scenic lookout point, offering the
most stunning views of deep gorges and impressive crags. Tour buses will not go any further than this lookout but as you hike your way further along the Canyon, numerous trails and lookouts will provide you with spectacular views of every part of the Canyon. A couple of small lookouts display the beauty of the 800 feet Waipo'o Falls.

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