How to do Hawaii

How to do Hawaii

Hawaii is a land of beautiful beaches, looming volcanoes, lush rainforest and chic boutique hotels. So if geography was no barrier, this is how I'd spend a day in the marvellous place that is Hawaii...


1. First Light

Wake up very early at Hotel Wailea in Maui and head up with your guide to Haleakala volcano to watch the sunrise slowly creeping up. Temperatures can drop to below freezing up there, so pack warm clothes! However, you won't even notice the cold once you are up there. When the sun rises, it feels like you could be on the surface of the moon!


2. Lahaina

Head in to the historic town of Lahaina and wander through its charming dainty streets, before heading to Fleetwoods (owned by Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac) for an all-out traditional American breakfast. Round the corner from here is our favourite surf shop, where you can kit yourself out with the best board for you, ready for the day's surf. If you're in Hawaii during the winter months, Lahaina is the spring board for some excellent whale watching boat tours.


3. Surf's Up

No trip to Hawaii would be complete without a surf lesson or two! Head out to sea with your local Hawaiian instructor, who will show you how to surf, or why not have a go at Stand Up Paddle-boarding, the latest craze.


4. Lunch Time

Find the best fresh poke! A traditional food that can be found on all the islands, this Asian inspired dish of raw yellow fin tuna and sesame is a local delicacy, coming with all sorts of different sauces and fish. The most authentic spots serve fish that rivals some of the best in London (at a fraction of the cost!).


5. Mustang Moments

Drive around Maui in a convertible Mustang, taking in all the surfers doing their daily surf and cruising along the famous road to Hana, one of the world's most spectacular drives. 52 miles long, it takes 3 hours to drive, and you can stop off at all the waterfalls en route.


6. Dolphin Spotting

Head up this well-travelled road to the impressive Waimea canyon, on Kauai Island. Absorb the breath-taking views, before making your way down to the coast, to take a lazy afternoon boat trip along the incredible Na'pali coast (backdrop for some of Jurassic Park). Look out for dolphins swimming alongside your boat before stopping off to snorkel under the towering cliffs that plunge almost vertically into the depths. Dine nearby, watching the burnt orange haze of sun disappear over the cliffs.


7. Take Hawaii by Helicopter

If you don't choose to see the NaPali coast by helicopter, then you must take a helicopter over Big Island's active volcano, watching the lava flow and (if you're very lucky) roll over the cliff face and into the sea. The views from above will dazzle and amaze.


8. Golf O'clock

If you can, squeeze in a game of golf on any number of Hawaii's pristine golf courses...


9. A Midnight Meeting with Manta Rays

After dinner, you mustn't miss a final trip out to sea. Big Island boasts a unique experience that is not to be missed: snorkelling with manta rays after dark. These enormous, gentle creatures can swim up as close as your face while they feast on plankton, definitely a bucket-list experience.


10. Night Time

Spend a night in the incredible beachfront Four Seasons Hualalai , our favourite hotel in Hawaii.