Florence Holidays: An Overview

The 'Cradle of the Renaissance' - not a bad strapline for a city, and one that Florence richly deserves. The Tuscan capital has long drawn British visitors to its culture filled streets. With its magnificent Duomo, Uffizi gallery and the Ponte Vecchio, Florence is quite simply one of the world's finest open air museums. There is also plenty of contemporary sights to enjoy on a holiday to this magnificent city, including some excellent restaurants and some of Italy's coolest new hotels.

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Why we think you’ll love it

  • There's something about Italian that makes everything sound so darn glamorous. Would the queue to enter the Uffizi be quite so long if it was known by its English translation - the Office?

Luxury Holidays to Florence: The Detail

It all adds up to a perfect Big Short Break destination, or as part of a longer itinerary taking in the other highlights of Tuscany. We know the city and the region intimately, so can recommend the best way to explore, and the finest places to eat and drink that are - mercifully - tourist-free.

We have selected the best luxury hotels in Florence, featuring properties both in the city itself and within easy reach; the antique and contemporary, the small and the only slightly bigger.

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