For anyone who likes wine, the Bordeaux region is one of life's fortunate coincidences. If you'd like to see and taste Bordeaux's finest export in the flesh, the success of the wine trade means that virtually every flat surface around the city of Bordeaux seems to be sprouting grapes of some description, and hidden among the endless vineyards are some spectacular chateaux built with the proceeds. The small and largely car-free centre of Bordeaux itself is definitely worth a visit as well, with some excellent shopping and restaurants serving food fit to combine with the wine. Food, wine, shopping and culture - not a bad way to spend a luxury holiday!

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Why we think you’ll love it

  • The extraordinary Palaeolithic cave paintings of the Vzre valley
  • Tastings at some of the best wineries anywhere in the world
  • The elegant city of Bordeaux itself

Our guide to holidays in Bordeaux & The Dordogne

New luxury hotels in and around Bordeaux are opening up all the time, and Original Travel visits the area on a regular basis - for research purposes, naturally - and can arrange holiday itineraries to include private and completely exclusive vineyard visits and access to the cellars of some of the best wine-makers in the world.

Vinophobes in Bordeaux need not despair as there are excellent spas, bicycle tours and pretty good weather to enjoy if you'd rather avoid hearing about warm, earthy flavours with vibrant citrus undertones and hints of vanilla.

Inland from the bacchanalia of Bordeaux lies a different, altogether sleepier part of France - the magical and ancient Dordogne, home to the descendants of the original tribes of ancient Gaul, and not much changed since the Romans departed.

This is a land of castles (1,001 if you believe the marketing spiel), impossibly pretty medieval villages and limestone cave systems home to artworks left by the regions even earlier inhabitants, some 30,000 years ago. Many of these Paleolithic paintings are - understandably - completely off limits, but you can still see the uncannily realistic recreations of mammoths and wild horses drawn by our ancient ancestors in a couple of places in the Vzre valley. Not to be missed on a luxury holiday.

The Dordogne is also perfect for mountain biking, trekking and canoeing along the region's eponymous river itself.

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