Luxury Holidays to Bordeaux: An Overview

For wine lovers, Bordeaux is the mothership. Sitting pretty as a picture in south-western France, this world-famous wine-growing region is filled with sunny vineyards, spectacular chateaux (built with the proceeds) and excellent restaurants with wine lists longer than your arm. Just for good measure, the city of Bordeaux itself is also a very manageable gem.

Bordeaux holidays are all about slowing down and appreciating the finer things in life. Spend sunny afternoons enjoying private tours of vineyards, cooling down in the cellars of some of the best wine-makers in the world and fuelling up on delicious food, all washed down with - you guessed it - a glass of wine (or two. Or three).

When you're not sampling the region's vinous varieties, the small and largely car-free centre of Bordeaux is definitely worth a visit. Wander through the peaceful public gardens lining the river, admire architecture - from 18th century mansions to stone sculpted palaces - as you explore the winding streets (fun fact: the city of Bordeaux is the world's largest urban Heritage Site) and satisfy your cultural cravings in the many art galleries and restaurants (try the sumptuous oysters from nearby Arcachon)..

Also make sure to visit the recently added temple to the grape, the Cite du Vin, on the banks of the city's Gironde River. The building's curvaceous metallic exterior, designed by the architects to resemble wine being swirled in a glass to release the bouquet, is extremely striking. Inside you can indulge in wine tastings, interactive displays about the world's finest wine regions and eat at a couple of restaurants offering excellent suggested wine pairings.

When you've had your fill of wine and wandering, retire to a luxury hotel (we can recommend the best hideaways in the region), where pampering spa treatments and a sneaky night-cap are guaranteed to round off a day of indulgence rather perfectly.

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