Slow Travel is all about swapping planes for trains, and exchanging four wheels for two (or even forgoing wheels all together in favour of your own two feet). It’s about letting yourself sink into a wonderfully unhurried state of mind where each moment is deliberate, gentle and purposeful.

The Original Travel definition of Slow Travel is travelling by modes of transport other than plane or car; such as train, horse, walking, biking, boating and more. When we're planning your trip, we can incorporate these zen-inspiring, slow-yourself-down modes of transport into your itinerary, and at heart it's all about appreciating the surroundings as you go, and being at one with them, which you simply can't do when flying or driving, whether it be gently cruising down the Mekong Delta or journeying through Peru's Sacred Valley aboard a scenic train to Machu Picchu. That's where our Slow Travel collection of holidays comes in, dedicated to putting the brakes on and slowing down in our fast-paced modern world. Because sometimes (excuse the cliche) it's as much about the journey as it is the destination.

To move slowly, to take in your surroundings, to worry less about the time it takes to get from A to B; these are pleasures in their own right, but in addition to simply savouring the joy of a leisurely pace, there are the environmental benefits of Slow Travel to shout about, too. With the increasing awareness of the impact of travel on the planet, we as a society are becoming ever more conscious of travelling with a conscience. This is where the quintessential mode of Slow Travel - the train - comes in. With tracks across the world connecting some seriously cool destinations via some seriously scenic routes - and all with a fraction of the carbon footprint of a flight - getting to where you're going has never been more elegant, or guilt-free.

When it comes to practising Slow Travel to a far flung destination, you could take the purist route and train, sail, cycle and walk your way around the world (which would make for a truly incredible sabbatical, if you ask us), or, more likely, take your flight (also guilt-free with our Carbon Off-setting programme), and we'll organise all sorts of incredible slow adventures once you arrive.

Top Five Slow Travel Experiences

  1. E-biking through the Dolomites - bike your way from high-altitude town to mountaintop restaurant, exploring epic scenery on two wheels (minus the sore legs afterwards)
  2. Hiking in Chile - take to your feet to traverse the diverse landscapes of Chile, whether you prefer the seemingly endless deserts of the north or the mountainous region of Patagonia in the south
  3. Kayaking in Croatia - island hop and explore the waters of Croatia's beautiful Dalmatian Coast in a kayak for a new perspective on this Mediterranean gem, either alone or with an expert guide and with plenty of refuelling stops for delicious food along the way
  4. Horseback safaris in Kenya - take an expert-guided ride through the wildlife-rich African bush in search of everything from giraffes to rare birds, all with spectacular landscapes as a backdrop
  5. Trekking in Bhutan - the wonderfully green 'Carbon Sink' that is Bhutan is the ideal destination for trekking-lovers of all kinds. Choose from almost 30 designated trekking routes that range from gentler single-day to 30-day adventures, crossing through dense forest and lush valleys, hopefully spotting some local fauna as you go.
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: Indicates itineraries that can be done entirely, or partially, by train.

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