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How to RV Like a Pro

How to RV Like a Pro

Travellers are increasingly looking for alternative ways to get from A to B, whether forgoing flights or trundling by train. This is where the allure of the classic road trip comes in. Our preferred means of travelling? By Recreational Vehicle (RV) of course. The pace of travel is slow, but that’s the point: travelling by RV is all about taking your time, seeing as much as you can and changing your route if you fancy. Pre-planning aside, RV travel is a rollicking adventure, as wild and spontaneous as you can be with children in tow. Imagine mornings sitting outside in the early chill with a steaming cup of coffee, always with some incredible view to drink in, wondering how easy it’d be to pack up your lives and live the #vanlife. Keen to learn how to RV like a pro? Read our rules for hitting the open road.

1. Enforce a strict on-board toilet rule
2. Buy a pair of rubber gloves 
3. Plan ahead
4. Prepare for high fuel bills
5. Stock up on water
6. Buy a toaster and cafetiere
7. Don't expect it to be hugely sociable


Enforce a strict on-board toilet rule

Number ones only, unless in an emergency. Trust us, you’ll want to stick to this rule…


Buy a pair of rubber gloves

Dumping your ‘black’ (toilet) and ‘grey’ (shower and sink) water is actually very straightforward (and not messy or smelly, especially if you follow point one), but donning a pair of sturdy Marigolds will make the process more palatable. Stick to the designated dumping spots at campgrounds, petrol stations and rest stops, and you’ll have adapted to RV life before you know it.

Image by Birgit Sfat



Plan ahead

The best RV sites book up many months in advance, so you need to be organised. We can make suggestions on where to go, but you’ll need to book your own spots. Government-run sites often don’t release availability until a fortnight before; be sure to log on the minute they are released to have the slightest chance of success.

Useful websites include,,,


Prepare for high fuel bills

It might be more eco-friendly than flying, but RVs are big beasts and take a lot of fuel. You’ll find yourselves filling up every two days at around $150 a pop. Of course, this all depends on how far you’re travelling…

Image by Birgit Sfat



Stock up on water

Most RV sites come with ‘hookups’ – nothing to do with flirtatious encounters and everything to do with crucial RV plumbing: water, electricity and sewage dumps. Your water tank will last you several days, but it’s not recommended for drinking. It’s best to carry several three-litre water bottles with you and fill up on route.


Buy a toaster and cafetiere

You can find both in most supermarkets for as little as $10. It’s incredible how much a slice of hot-buttered toast and a fresh brew can lift a sleepy morning mood.

Image by Birgit Sfat



Don’t expect it to be hugely sociable

RV-ing is a way of life in the US; quite literally, so many parks seem deserted at night – because the inhabitants are in their vehicles, watching their wide-screen TVs. And Americans go to bed early, so if you’re hoping for campfire s’mores and singalongs, get it done before 9pm. Our advice? Embrace the unexpected peace and quiet of RV life.


Written by Francisca Kellet | Header image by Birgit Sfat