Once your children are above a certain age, they may need more than just a beach and a bucket and spade to keep them amused. This is the time to get more adventurous with the holiday planning, and even take the chance to make it educational. We could harp on forever about our belief that holidays can, and should, be as informative as they are fun - even if that’s just absorbing a different culture – but there are some stand-out destinations where you can delight in seeing the children learn as they go.

Whether that be at the Danai Beach Resort in Halkidiki, where they can learn all things Greek, from dancing to cooking to the language itself. Or in the Pench National Park in India, where they can get the real-life Jungle Book experience and join the 'Junior Rangers' in search of leopards. Or a trip to the birthplace of Darwin's theory of evolution, the Galapagos Islands, where their little minds will marvel at the incredible diversity in wildlife these islands have to offer. In Yala National Park in Sri Lanka, they can learn to identify local animal tracks such as deer and leopard, identify edible plants and even learn to navigate using the stars.

As we're sure your budding David Attenborough's will have a million and one questions on everything they see, we make sure there's an English-speaking guide on hand who'll have all the answers. With the help of children's party entertainers, Sharky and George, we also always include fun 'Did You Know?' facts about your destination and a short quiz with questions about the country, so your children can find the answers during your trip (you might even learn a thing or two yourselves).

Now don't panic, just because a holiday is educational for the children, it doesn't mean it should be any less luxurious. A stay at somewhere such as the Galapagos Safari Camp provides the best of both worlds - you can stay in comfort while remaining close to nature, with giant tortoises walking right past your breakfast table.

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One of the (many) benefits of working with children’s party entertainers Sharky and George is that they provide us with holiday fun packs tailored to suit your trip. If it’s a safari holiday, expect an animal paw print guide, mini microscope and a bug box (which you will inevitably have just as much fun with as the kids will).

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Halkidiki is instantly recognisable on a map as the trident-like peninsulas that jut out into the sea in Northern Greece.

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Rajasthan & Agra

Visit evocative cities such as Jodphur and Jaipur and the iconic Taj Mahal, alongside enjoying a slower pace of life in the villages of Rural Rajasthan.

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Galapagos Archipelago

Nobody comes back disappointed from the Galapagos; quite simply, it is like nowhere else on earth.

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