No longer the domain of just backpackers and gap-yearer’s, Cambodia is a country perfect for a trip for two. Magic surrounds this enigmatic kingdom that charms visitors and casts a spell over the most unsuspecting of travellers. Ancient worlds collide with modern cites, creating a place unrivalled in cultural riches. Hand in hand, stand before Angkor Wat, as the rest of the world falls away in the face of this sublime creation of the Angkorian era. Explore fabled temples hidden in jungles and venture to national parks where elephants wander and tigers and leopards dose in the heat of the day. Travel
to the coast to enjoy the delights of white sandy beaches and tiny Robinson Crusoe-like islands. The best part? The hospitality here is second to none. Infectious optimism bursts from every smile that you encounter, making sure that every visitor leaves with a deep affection for the people of this wonderful place. Cambodia couples holidays offer travelling duo’s a sensational slice of paradise that can't be topped.

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Firstly we had a great holiday. Thank you for organising everything at such last minute. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip from start to finish and it all worked very smoothly (thanks!). Pace was really good too - not too hurried but never felt we were killing time.
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