Itinerary Highlights
    • From Phnom Penh to Angkor and the countryside to Battambang, a complete tour of Cambodia

    • Intimate tour of Phnom Penh with a local and on a rickshaw with an architect: two views of the capital

    • Visit Angkor with a private expert guide

    • Includes all our usual additional services, from fast track airport services to local Concierges

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Get to the Heart of Cambodia

Cambodia is a beautiful country and the Cambodians themselves are renowned for their friendliness. And of course, there is Angkor. This collection of sites is one of those that embodies the idea of human civilisation by virtue of its artistic, spiritual and cultural value. It's impossible not to be awed by the Angkor complex. This itinerary starts in the capital, Phnom Penh, a vibrant city that embodies Cambodian modernity. We've organised a tour with an architect, which gives visitors a completely new view of the city. Then, head to the north-east where you'll discover the rice paddies and forest surroundings of Battambang.
The countryside is essential for enjoying a visit to Cambodia. Photos of Angkor, near Siem Reap, really can't do the temples justice and seeing them in the flesh is a real bucket list experience. You'll spend four full days walking the site and exploring its sculptural treasures, observing the return of worship in the great shrines. We've also organised an outing on the Tonle Sap lake, the great national natural treasure which meets with the Mekong river.

Your journey

You are given a private car with a driver at various points on your trip. We've chosen hotels that reflect modern-day Cambodia, with a nod to the traditional. Our aim is to show you, in the best way, the essentials; from UNESCO listed sites to the more modest, understated experiences, that are no less important. At every point, you will meet friendly and welcoming locals. This will be facilitated by your private guides. Our local Concierge service is on hand to help if you have any doubts.


Everything is 100% tailored to you

Flight to Phnom Penh


Phnom Penh

Transfer and two-night stay in the old French quarter. The hotel's name, Sangkum, stands for spirit: it refers to the golden age of Cambodia, which ranges from independence to the deposition of Norodom Sihanouk. The rooms are pristine and well equipped with a laidback charm. In the enclosed garden, sip a cocktail by the pool, surrounded by tropical plants. At the restaurant, the staff are classically trained in French cuisine, and combine these skills to create beautifully updated local cuisine.
Included in the itinerary- Architectural walk. Despite the damage of the recent past, the capital has a rich architectural heritage. Going by rickshaw from one building to another reveals not only traditional or colonial architecture, but also that of the Sangkum period (Chaktomouk Hall, Vann Molyvann, 1961) and spectacular contemporary achievements (Vattanac Capital Tower, TFP Farrells, 2012-2014).

DAYS 3 & 4

Phnom Penh

Already included in the itinerary - Phnom Penh with a private guide. There is nothing your guide doesn't know about Phnom Penh. He knows the pavements, the palaces, the trendy bars, the art galleries, markets, gyms, restaurants, pagodas, churches... and of course, he knows the Cambodians! So there's no need to set a schedule in advance. You'll make contact, exchange some ideas, wishes, interests and follow them. Along the way, you'll see beyond what the ordinary traveller sees



Included in the itinerary- Authentic Battambang. From the large market (1936) to colonial quayside houses, the French influence is clear and well preserved, as is the Khmer influence. Battambang is also a university city and a hub for trade with Thailand. To discover the area's ancient side, you'll go to Piem Ek to see Wat Ek Phnom, where an 11th-century Hindu temple is flanked by a recent pagoda and a large, white Buddha. Visit the site with a guide.

DAYS 6 & 7

Battambang - Siem Reap / Angkor

Transfer to Siem Reap for a four-night stay in a sleek and luxurious hotel which is situated in its own lush gardens. But, unlike many others, it doesn't try to be rustic, it boasts a comforting urban ambiance. The hotel's layout is pleasant, the angled pool is lovely, and the spaces are neat. The treatments offered by the spa are perfect. Sokkhak Resort does not go overboard with making everything picture-perfect, and that's a good thing.


Siem Reap

Already included in the itinerary - First of all, you'll make your way to the site of the ancient Isvarapura located 12 miles north-east of Angkor; there you will find the Banteay Srei temple, a shrine dedicated to Shiva. This is a beautiful, well-preserved pink sandstone temple from the 10th century, adorned with a lot of art. Then you'll travel east of Angkor Thom to see the Ta Prohm temple, a 12th-century Buddhist school. Its beauty lies in the invasion of the sprawling roots of false hemp trees, and it is in the same state that it was in when the sacred area was discovered by the first archaeologists.


Siem Reap

Included in the itinerary- A culinary tuk-tuk ride. Back in the vehicle, you'll tour the night markets and the local street food market. The dishes made at the table and on a brazier are astonishingly well-balanced and delicious. From meat, fish and shellfish to vegetables and fruits, all regional produce is prepared in front of customers. Besides, Cambodians are big consumers of insects; from beetles to tarantulas, give entomophagy a try! You'll stop and have dinner at the most appetising stall. Evening with a guide.

DAYS 10 & 11

Siem Reap - Return flight

Transfer to the airport and return flight.

A la carte

Phnom Penh must-sees

Accompanied by an expert guide, visit the national museum. Built by George Groslier between 1917 and 1924, it has splendid collections such as bronze, stone, wood, Hindu and Buddhist sculptures from the pre- and post-Angkorian period and ceramics. The Royal Palace, the residence of Cambodian monarchs, was built in 1866. This compound is home to the Silver Pagoda which, among other things, houses the famous Emerald Buddha, a replica of the Bangkok Pagoda that was made by Lalique. The curious Napoleon Pavilion dates from 1876; it is a French folly beside the Mekong.

Option - Half day

The mark of Democratic Kampuchea - Phnom Penh

In 1975, the Khmer Rouge transformed a Phnom Penh high school into a prison, known as S21. It was the country's main detention and torture centre during their dictatorship, where more than 17,000 people were detained and abused before being taken to the Choeung Ek Killing Fields. In 1979, the Vietnamese turned the prison and the Killing Fields into a museum. Since then, it has been the central location for the memory of the genocide. It's a necessary visit, which commands great respect for the path of national reconciliation on which Cambodians have embarked.

Option - Half day

Through the countryside on a scooter - Siem Reap

With your helmet secured, hop on the back of the scooter and set off. Scooters are not just for young urbanites. They are also ideal for the dirt paths of the Cambodian countryside. You'll cruise along the rice fields, go through villages and pass by the East Mebon, a 10th-century temple before stopping to visit a local craftsman. It's not a wild ride, but a very nice excursion into a world with a traditional way of life. From large shrines to small roadside shops, there's plenty to think about while watching the world go by…

Option - Half day

Cruise on Tonle Sap lake - Siem Reap

With a guide, take a boat out on Tonle Sap. As the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia, it contributes to the natural regulation of the Mekong River. You'll visit the village and the flooded forest of Kompong Phluk. Houses are built on tall stilts, with water levels reaching several feet. This life on stilts, where everything depends on the river, feels like a different world. The lake provides fishermen with plenty of fish. It also feeds a diverse array of birdlife, including spot-billed pelicans, oriental darters and Bengal floricans. Tonle Sap has also been designated a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, an indication of its importance to the local ecosystem.

Option - Half day

A Rough Idea of Price

Dependent on season, accommodation and activities
The estimated cost for this trip starts from £2,415 to £3,125 per person. The final cost of the trip depends on the way we tailor it especially for you. The final cost will vary according to several factors, including the level of service, length of trip and advance booking time. The exact price will be provided on your personalised quote. The average starting price for this trip is £2,945 per person.
  • Flight to Phnom Penh and return from Siem Reap with a scheduled airline

  • Airline taxes and fuel surcharge

  • Private transfers included in the itinerary

  • Two-night stay in Phnom Penh in a double room with breakfast

  • Phnom Penh architecture tour on a rickshaw, private tour with an expert guide

  • Two-night stay in Battambang in a double room with breakfast

  • Authentic Battambang, private tour with a guide

  • Three-night stay in Siem Reap in a double room with breakfast

  • Trips to Angkor Thom and Angkor Wat in a tuk-tuk, Banteay Srei and Ta Prohm, street food in tuk-tuk: private tours with an expert guide

  • Our on-site Concierge service

  • A GPS navigation service accessible from our app, which is loaded with your itinerary, hotel details and places to visit
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