What’s not to love about the festive season? There’s the glittering decor, the family traditions and delicious food. Then there’s also the freezing cold weather, darkness at 4pm and having to fight for the last turkey in a packed supermarket… So if you’re ready to ditch the duties and escape to the sun, a Chile Christmas holiday with Original Travel might be just what you need, as the festive season conveniently falls in the middle of their summer. This famously long, thin country boasts impressively diverse scenery, with desert in the north, icebergs in the south and countless exciting cities in between.
Just imagine spending Christmas Day raising a glass of the famous Chilean Monkey Tail cocktail as you overlook the country’s dramatic landscapes, or sipping wine in one of the Central Valley’s wonderful vineyards.

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We appreciated Original Travel's in-country experts to plan our personalized itinerary. Guides and drivers always early, helpful, friendly and flexible. We like boutique hotels with personality and character of the city/country we are visiting. We got just that. Love the app, and I kept referring to it during the trip. Dossiers also super helpful. It was so easy communicating with the concierge on WhatsApp. Escorting us through the airport, and meeting us in-country was also always appreciated. We recommend Original Travel to EVERYONE. We are hooked with the personalised itineraries and perfectly planned trips. Thank you!
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