If you’re looking for something truly extraordinary and off-the-beaten-path, the bizarre landscape of Chile’s Valle de la Luna is the place for you. Meaning ‘Valley of the Moon’, the name, unsurprisingly, comes from the moonscape it emulates. It is an area in the Atacama Desert that has been shaped over thousands of years by erosion and weathering, resulting in an otherworldly landscape that looks like it’s been plucked straight from the moon. Explore the Valle de la Luna by cruising along in a 4x4 over the sand dunes, which is the perfect way to take in all the unusual formations and unique geology.
You’ll see everything from sandstone pillars that seem to jut up out of nowhere, to massive caves carved by wind and water erosion. Get up close and personal with a hike through the towering rock formations and you'll soon forget what planet you’re on; or if you want to get your heart pumping, try sandboarding down the dunes of the valley. At sunset, you'll see that the sky transforms into a beautiful storm of orange and pink before sinking behind the Valle de la Luna's rugged peaks.

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