Chile at a glance

Chile stretches for more than 3,700 miles from north to south, and can feel like several different countries in one as a result. Stick to one region and explore it in depth, or jump from one to another and soak up the different biospheres. A mini Chile travel guide from north to south: at the very top of the country are the 'Far North' and lunar landscapes of the Atacama Desert, the driest place in the world, with altitudes peaking at nearly 20,000ft. The 'Little North' region borders Aconcagua, the highest peak in the Americas at 22,840ft, located eight miles across the border. The Central Valley is the heartland of the country, featuring the pretty port at Valparaiso, the capital Santiago and the wine region.
Chile's Patagonia region begins further south, and is home to the natural beauty of Torres del Paine National Park and the Chiloe Archipelago, a quilted landscape of islands and inlets. Keep heading down and you reach Tierra del Fuego and the mythical Cape Horn. For an extreme experience, head even further south for a Chilean Antarctic cruise to see penguins, killer whales, seal colonies, icebergs and ice floats in every possible shade of white and blue. Not forgetting the incredible Easter Island, lost in the middle of the Pacific, thousands of miles from the rest of the world.
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