Impossibly long and thin, Chile is a land of extremes, from thirsty dunes to verdant valleys and snoozing volcanoes to, fascinating forests and glistening glaciers. What could be more romantic than spending the night in the Atacama desert, gazing up at a perfectly vivid Milky Way after a day exploring an out-of-this-world lunar landscape? Watch flocks of flamingos descending on silent lagoons in a feathery cloud of pink, and geysers exploding spurting joyously into the clear blue sky. Lovers of a lush more verdant landscape can hide out in Chile’s Lake District, where the people are warm and welcoming
and the vistas include conical snow-capped volcanoes, that are reflected in prussian blue lakes. Chile honeymoons speak to every mood, whether you are looking for adventure in some of the most pristine places in the world, or maybe a spot of wine tasting with the locals, and some Patagionaon hospitality a honeymoon here, will never be forgotten.

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We appreciated Original Travel's in-country experts to plan our personalized itinerary. Guides and drivers always early, helpful, friendly and flexible. We like boutique hotels with personality and character of the city/country we are visiting. We got just that. Love the app, and I kept referring to it during the trip. Dossiers also super helpful. It was so easy communicating with the concierge on WhatsApp. Escorting us through the airport, and meeting us in-country was also always appreciated. We recommend Original Travel to EVERYONE. We are hooked with the personalised itineraries and perfectly planned trips. Thank you!
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