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An ancient quirk of geology caused the great Okavango River to run not to a lake or sea but into a vast inland delta that is an astonishing maze of papyrus-lined waterways, meadows and woodland, rich in wildlife and birds.

Everything from elephant, buffalo, plains game, lion, leopard and cheetah live in the area. Tracking these animals on horseback allows you to get up close and personal with the Okavango in a way that simply isn't possible from a vehicle.

There are a few companies that offer riding in the Delta, but we particularly love Okavango Horse Safaris. Aside from it being a slick and well run operation, the owners themselves really help to make it something special. Barney and PJ Bestelink have been in the industry for years. PJ built the first ever photographic camp in the Delta, and has spent his whole life in the Okavango.

Horses and tack are of the highest standard and Okavango Horse Safaris have a string of over 60 horses, mainly thoroughbreds, based in the Delta, including TB crosses, Arabians and American Saddle bred crosses and boerperds. English leather saddles with leather bridles, and South African trails saddles are available.

The riding is varied, sometimes quietly walking and stalking big game while admiring the birdlife, and at other times cantering through the water-meadows alongside galloping giraffe and lechwe. When out of the saddle, don't miss the opportunity to glide silently along beautiful waterways in a mokoro dugout canoe or take a lazy boat cruise as the sunsets and flocks of birds come home to roost.

The Okavango is an intriguing phenomenon and the ever changing landscapes, the movement of the game and the dramatic seasonal changes in the flora ensures that no two safaris are the same. These safaris operate on five, seven and ten night stays - we would be delighted to talk you through the various options.

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