Botswana at a glance

Plan your trip to Botswana with the help of our Botswana travel guide. You can leave Gaborone, the capital, behind quickly as it offers little to see for the traveller. Take the time, on the other hand, to discover the Northeast region: Chobe National Park, with its marshes and legions of animals; the wild beauty of Makgadikgadi; and Nxai National Park, with its psychedelic mirages, and animals in their hundreds, including wildebeest, gemsboks, antelopes, giraffes, long-eared dogs, hyenas, lions, and more. The most famous attraction in the area was the Chapman Baobab, the largest tree in Africa with a diameter of 25 metres. It served as poste restante for David Livingstone, who left his messages there, but it eventually collapsed at the age of 5000.
But Botswana is unique especially in the Kalahari Desert and the Okavango Delta: Kalahari is one of Africa's blurred landscapes: a sandy base of 750,000 square miles, irretrievably flat, criss-crossed by ephemeral rivers and covered with vegetation. There, after a journey of over 800 miles, the Okavango disappears, 'the river that never finds the sea', creating an infinite maze of islands, canals, and lagoons that attracts animals, terrestrial, aquatic or winged in thousands. Now there's only one thing to do: Follow your guide and enjoy.
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