After years of taking travel for granted and then losing our right to roam entirely during the pandemic, a ‘Gratification’ is all about pleasing yourself with a holiday you’ve always wanted to take. No more waiting for ‘one day’ – now is the time to visit that place you’ve always wanted to visit, take the trip you’ve always wanted to take and finally pluck up the courage to try something new. In the words of Mark Twain (or someone else, as it turns out): ‘Twenty years from now

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Just as the Roaring Twenties followed the Spanish Flu, we predict that ‘Gratifications’ will follow the Covid-19 pandemic. We’ve all been dreaming, planning and anticipating 2022’s holidays for nearly two years, so it’s no surprise that we’re seeing a trend towards trips that are bigger and better than ever before. Not only is travel back, but it’s back in the best possible way.

This new collection of Gratification-worthy trips includes bucket-list itineraries, multi-generational family holidays, sabbaticals and more. These include some of travel’s biggest must-dos, such as seeing mountain gorillas in Uganda, chasing the Northern Lights and hiking through the Himalayas. Or it might be that you’re looking to travel for longer, whether that be a month-long sabbatical spent road tripping across the US or a slow travel train trip through Europe. Whatever type of ‘Gratification’ you’re planning, our experts are on hand to help you make up for lost time…