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Call of the Wild': The Best Adventure Holidays to Make up For Lost Time

Call of the Wild': The Best Adventure  Holidays to Make up For Lost Time

In a year of lockdowns and travel restrictions, it's easy to feel a bit cooped up. If you find yourself - like a certain 140-pound St. Bernard by the name of Buck - lured by the call of the wild, we've got you covered. From treks through the lush rainforests of Guyana in South America, to outdoorsy activities in the cinematic landscapes of Mongolia and Iceland, read on for a roundup of the best adventure holidays to make up for lost time...


Pristine Rainforests in Guyana

With 85% of its land covered in pristine rainforest, adventure is all but guaranteed in the small south American country of Guyana. Pack your sturdiest pair of walking boots and venture into the wilderness with an expert local guide for canoeing adventures on the Rupununi River; wildlife watching treks to see everything from giant river otters to notoriously hard-to-spot jaguars; and stays in remote community-run lodges.


Bear Watching in Yukon

Canada's Yukon region is one of our top picks when it comes to the best adventure holidays to make up for lost time. There are more animals than people here and pockets of civilization are few and far between. Live out your Wild West daydreams as you trek through the wide-open wildernesses; soar above the mountains on a single propellor plane; and cosy up by a crackling campfire as the Northern Lights dance above your head.

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Ancient Deserts in Namibia

Home to the vast Namib Desert (the oldest desert in the world) and the hauntingly beautiful Skeleton Coast (so remote it is only accessible on a fly-in safari by light aircraft), Namibia definitely deserves a spot on the list of the best adventure holidays. This is the perfect destination for travellers seeking a different kind of safari experience, whether it's a low-level flight to see seal colonies and rare, desert-adapted elephants, or thrilling rides by Land Rover through the rolling dunes.


Otherworldly Scenery in Iceland

You only have to see a few photographs of Iceland to get a sense of how unbelievably cool the scenery is here. Outdoorsy activities include everything from climbing volcanoes and bathing in mineral-rich thermal springs, to walking along dramatic black-sand beaches and boating out to sea for some of the best whale-watching in Europe - perfect for nature-loving families.


Outback Adventures in Australia

When it comes to the best far-flung adventure holidays, you can't get much further than Australia. The Land Down Under is bursting with unforgettable experiences, whether it's guided hikes through the dusty Outback or diving over the world-famous Great Barrier Reef which is teeming with life (there are a whopping 1,500 species of fish alone) and so mind-bogglingly big that you can see it from space.


Wide-Open Spaces in Mongolia

With masses of land and a tiny population, Mongolia's vast landscapes are about as wild and rugged as they get, meaning a holiday here requires some serious planning and expertise (we can help with that). If you've got some time on your hands, make sure to tick off the many different landscapes: travel across the expansive steppes to get a feel for the epic scale of mother nature; venture into thick forests populated by reindeer, bear, moose, elk and yak; and explore the beautiful networks of lakes and rivers that feed into the huge Lake Khovsgol, the perfect site for a spot of fishing.