Fly Camping in Tanzania

Enhance a safari with a night or two fly camping in the bush.

Established by early hunters and trackers, fly camping is a back to basics experience where guests sleep under the stars in wild surroundings. Tents are merely mosquito nets and camps are simple yet fully equipped with comfortable bed rolls, a short-drop loo and bucket shower with hot water.

Fly camping is a great way to get out and about in the bush, and can be done in both the Serengeti (from Serian) and in the Selous (from Sand Rivers Selous). Guests either set off from the camps in a 4 x 4 or can walk to the fly camping spot, which enables guests to learn all about animal tracks and the medicinal properties of the indigenous plant life en route. On arrival at the camp, guests are rewarded with a hot bucket shower and a three-course supper laid out in the bush.


Adventure Holidays in Tanzania

Whether you're an adventure junkie or just like a little bit of a kick now and again, Tanzania has plenty of adventure options, from climbing Kilimanjaro to walking with Bushmen.

One of the major draw cards to Tanzania is, of course, a safari, not least because of the spectacular wildlife that roam the bush. Our favourite camps do not only offer 4x4 game drives, but walking safaris, riding safaris and even bushmen safaris.

Manyara Ranch is one such camp that offers numerous activities including walking and riding safaris, and the Selous and parts of the Serengeti are also fantastic for walking and allow guests to get closer to the action.

We also recommend adding an extra element of adventure to safari with a night's Fly Camping in either the Serengeti or Selous, where guests sleep in the heart of the bush with just a bedroll and simple tent.

Tanzania, however, is not just about finding the Big Five and there are other adventures to be had, such as tracking chimps in Greystoke Mahale in the west, trekking in the Gol Mountains, climbing Kilimanjaro and living with the Hadzabe Bushmen - cousins of Kalahari Bushmen - in the north.

Not to be forgotten of course is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, a fairly challenging climb but one that can be done by most with the correct boots and a certain level of fitness.

Finally, Tanzania's coastline has fantastic diving, in particularly off Pemba and Mafia. Mafia is home to Tanzania's first marine park and some of the richest coral reefs in the world. There are also only a handful of hotels, including one of our favourites Chole Mjini, so there's no need to compete with the crowds.


Trekking Holidays: The Kilimanjaro Climb Adventure

Rising from the plains of northern Tanzania close to the Kenyan border, Mt Kilimanjaro dominates the surrounding landscape and on a clear day can be seen from almost one hundred miles away.

Climbing to the summit of this beautiful volcano is a fine challenge even if you are not a mountaineer because it is a non-technical climb; everyone from teens to retirees can enjoy the trek, although a fairly decent level of fitness is required.

Although the mountain is only three degrees below the Equator, the peak retains a permanent cover of snow and ice, while the slopes comprise five distinct ecological zones - from lush rainforest to alpine heathland and finally a barren, high-altitude desert - making Mt. Kilimanjaro one of the most beautiful and varied mountains to climb.

Although the climb up Kilimanjaro is challenging, it is achievable for any reasonably fit person with the correct clothing, preparation and a good pair of hiking boots. With the support of a dedicated team of porters and cooks, climbers are well looked after, and all Kilimanjaro climbs are accompanied by experienced guides with first-aid training. The effort of reaching the top is well worth it - watching dawn break from the glacier-clad summit of Uhuru Peak is an unforgettable experience.

As a reward for your climbing exertions, we recommend combining this trip with a luxury safari and/or a relaxing beach holiday at one of the beautiful island destinations along the coast of Tanzania or Kenya.

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