Pear-shaped Sri Lanka is one of Asia’s smallest countries, and getting around it is a breeze. Road and rail networks ensure the 22 million inhabitants are well-connected, and we’re here to help you fit into this busy system. Whether you decide to fly, drive or travel by train, the transport in Sri Lanka will always see you safely to your destination.

By car

Travelling by car is the easiest way to explore all corners of Sri Lanka. Driving offers you the freedom to explore all the popular sites as well as more rural spots like Polonnaruwa, the country’s second most ancient kingdom. If navigating the narrow roads and manic traffic yourself isn’t up your street, then our experts are on hand to arrange private transfers with experienced drivers who knows the roads like the back of their hand and can whisk you smoothly from A to B.

By plane

Flying is the best way to cut down travel time in Sri Lanka. While cars can get caught in traffic, planes take you swiftly from one end of the country to the other and passengers are treated to bird's eye views of Sri Lanka’s emerald tree plantations and craggy mountains. Domestic flight paths cover all bases and connect the likes of Kandy, Jaffna, Sigiriya and Batticaloa, making this one of the most efficient modes of transport in Sri Lanka.

By bus

Although tourists tend to travel by car and plane, buses are a hugely popular form of public transport in Sri Lanka among locals. Services are cheap and whizz along major roads every few minutes, their colourfully decorated exteriors an integral part of Sri Lanka’s charm. You’ll be sure to spot locals squeezed inside like sardines and hanging happily out of the open doorways as they ride to work.

By train

Train travel is another mode of transport that is popular among locals. While it may not be visitors’ first choice for short-haul travel, there are a few longer journeys that are adventures in themselves. The ten-hour ride from Colombo to Badulla, for example, takes you through low country farmlands, wet highlands, forested mountains and temples tucked in tea gardens. If you’re keen for some slow travel, the long rail journeys in Sri Lanka are the perfect opportunity to sit back, relax and watch the world chug by.

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