Accommodation isn’t just about getting that much-needed beauty sleep. Choosing where to rest your head in Sri Lanka is choosing what slice of nature, culture and experience you’re immersing yourself into – and the island doesn’t fall short of options. From beaches to tea plantations, luxury to laid back, selecting your accommodation in Sri Lanka is an adventure waiting to be discovered.

Tea Plantations

Being the fourth-largest tea producer in the world is no mean feat – Sri Lanka produces over 660 million pounds of tea per year. And so it seems only right to stay overnight at one of the plantations that produce it. Hidden among the tea hills lie surplus plantations – bungalows, factories and colonial-style homes all allow you to spend the night and step back into the 18th century. A range of tea-themed activities are offered by many of the stays – tea tasting, tea picking and picnics to name a few – making tea plantations a deliciously tempting choice of accommodation in Sri Lanka.


Waking to the rising sun and symphony of bird chatter doesn’t mean having to scrimp on comfort. Sleeping stylishly in the wild allows you to benefit from candle-lit beachside dinners, dreamy beds and running water, all while still in the knowledge that nature lies a few footsteps away. Choosing the life of glamping may see you nestling into bed within the views of Wilpattu National Park, or spotting wild animals stroll along the river in Udawalawe National Park while feasting on delectable room service.

Beachside Resorts

With a coastline that stretches a whopping 833 miles, it would be rude not to stay in one of the luxurious resorts situated along Sri Lanka’s sands. These resorts cater for a wonderfully wide range of travellers; larger resorts are teeming with activities for families, while intimate resorts are ideal for those hungry for sun and serenity. Whether you want to spend the day playing golf, while away the hours stretched across the sand or doze off to the sound of crashing waves, beachside resorts are just the thing.


Although not the most common type of accommodation in Sri Lanka, homestays are undoubtedly the most personal. They are any country’s best-kept secret, a culture-rich fusion between a hotel and family home. The undying warmth radiating from Sri Lankan locals will ease you into their daily life as you share local delicacies, get stuck into absorbing conversations (the language barrier becomes a charming obstacle) and play with their pets. They are scattered around Sri Lanka, so no matter where you are, you’ll be sure to find one at your feet.

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