Upcoming Small Group Tours with Original Travel

Upcoming Small Group Tours with Original Travel

Calling all Culture Vultures - Join Amelia Stewart, founder of Simoon travel (part of the Original Travel family) and tour leader, to explore some of the most original corners of our diverse planet along with local experts and a group of like-minded and discerning individuals. Here are the latest Original Travel Small Group Tours coming up soon to a place far from you...


Silk Road Cities Tour Uzbekistan 22 Sept - 3/6 Oct 2017

Discover the best of Uzbekistan at a leisurely pace during this gentle cultural Silk Road tour where there is plenty of time to soak up the glorious sights, smells and sounds that the country has to offer. It's a shopper's delight in Bukhara and Samarkand's magnificent bazaars where you can find unique embroidery, ceramics, textiles and paintings. Itinerary highlights include visiting Samarkand, home to some of Central Asia's finest Islamic architecture including the majestic Registan Square and the Bibi-Khanum Mosque; exploring the old town of Khiva and the nearby desert fortresses; visiting the Savitsky Museum with its hidden collection of Russian avant garde art, and enjoying the Ferghana valley - the heart of all things artistic in the country.


About Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is arguably one of the most alluring Central Asian countries. Since the collapse of Russia's Soviet Union, Uzbekistan has re-emerged as an independent country once again. The Russian imperialist/ communist era added another layer of cultural influence to an already rich heritage in a country that grew wealthy thanks to its excellent location along The Silk Road. The Silk Road's trade bought much wealth, and luckily for today's visitors much of this wealth was flaunted in the creation of some of the world's most impressive and beautiful Islamic architecture.


Join us...

Join Original Travel's Small Group Tour Leader- Amelia Stewart - on this fun 12 or 15 day trip to Uzbekistan this September 22nd - 3rd/6th October 2017 and discover one of Central Asia's hidden gems.


Ethiopia Timkat, History and Heritage Tour 11-28 Jan 2018

Join us on a tour to discover the historic and cultural northern region of Ethiopia over the magical festival of Timkat - an experience not to be missed! Once home to some of the greatest ancient civilisations Ethiopia has so much to explore with medieval castles and palaces, remote and ancient rock hewn churches and epic majestic landscapes.


What is Timkat?

Timkat is an Ethiopian Orthodox festival celebrating Epiphany; Christ's Baptism by St John in the River Jordan. During Timkat, there are processions, music, dancing and revelry to enjoy culminating in the ceremony of baptism itself - an occasion not to miss!


The Tour

We journey through the Tigrayan Highlands in the north, visiting Axum, the cradle of Christianity and taking a boat out onto Lake Tana. There is also an optional gentle trek through the countryside surrounding Lalibela. Our hotels are some of the best in the country. All of this while enjoying the local cuisine, delicious coffee and the warmth and hospitality of the Ethiopian people.


Join us...

Join Original Travel's Small Group Tour Leader- Amelia Stewart - on this fun 18 day trip to Ethiopia between 11-28 January 2018.