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Top 3 Snow Adventures

Top 3 Snow Adventures

For those of you looking for a completely different snow experience altogether, try one of our non-ski adventures for a truly original holiday.


Polar bear spotting in the Arctic...

Head to Svalbard for the best chance of seeing these majestic predators. Nothing can match Ursus Maritimus (otherwise known as the polar bear) for raw displays of effortless power and grace in the harshest of environments.


Dog sledding in Swedish Lapland...

Experience the thrill of dog-sledding through the snow-covered forests and mountains of Lapland, and stay a night at the world-famous Ice Hotel. Then, to top or tail your trip, the Swedish capital Stockholm is worth a visit.


Super Jeep safari and snowmobiling in Iceland...

The Super Jeeps you travel in are specially formatted 4x4 vehicles, which are the only types that are able to cross the terrain to reach the glacier. This excursion is a firm favourite of ours and is a great way to immerse yourself in Iceland's wild scenery and fascinating geology.

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