Travel Quiz

The Original Travel Quiz: Week 7

The Original Travel Quiz: Week 7

If there's one thing that the lockdown has taught us, it's that old-fashioned fun has become the new norm. A thousand-piece puzzle? Piece of cake. Knitting? A Friday night favourite. The Original Travel Quiz? Highlight of the week. We hope you've brushed up on your travel knowledge because we're back with another round of tricky questions designed by the experts to test the most experienced of travellers. Challenge accepted? Read on...


The Questions

  1. Where is the polar bear capital of the world?
  2. What is the capital city of Slovenia?
  3. Which country does this flag belong to?



4. What is the currency of Thailand?

5. Which airport is CDG the code for, and which city does it serve?

6. In which city and country do they celebrate Fringe Festival (bonus point for the month of the year)?

7. Where in the world is the place in this image? (one point each for the place and the country)



8. 'Hakuna matata' (meaning no worries) was a phrase made popular around the world by The Lion King, but which language is it?

9. How many hours behind GMT is the Bahamas?

10. 'My toxic ice' is an anagram of which capital city?

11. What is the highest mountain in Europe?



12. Which place do the above images represent?

13. In which place and country was Mad Max: Fury Road filmed?

14. Outside of France, which country is considered one of the best places to enjoy a meal of boiled snails?

15. And finally a question from Ricardo, our Concierge in Portugal. Which of the following rivers is not in Portugal?

a) Minho, b) Douro, c) Tejo, d) Tiber


The Answers

  1. Churchill. Along with its huge polar bear population, this Canadian town is also a beluga whale watching hotspot, and one of the best places to experience the Northern Lights.
  2. Ljubljana.
  3. Namibia.
  4. Baht.
  5. Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris.
  6. Edinburgh, Scotland. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the world's largest arts festival which takes place in August.
  7. Mont Saint-Michel, a spectacular tidal island in Normandy, is one of the most vitied sites in France and a great addition to a road trip from the UK.
  8. Swahili.
  9. Five.
  10. Mexico City.
  11. Mount Elbrus. Part of the Caucasus Mountains in Southern Russia, Elbrus is a 18,510ft dormant volcano.
  12. Rockies.
  13. Namib Desert, Namibia. The stark, dramatic dunes of Namibia replaced Australia in the filming of the fourth instalment of Mad Max.
  14. Morocco. Snails have functioned as a popular street food all around Morocco for many decades, despite being thought of by many as an exclusively French delicacy.
  15. Tiber.


Scores on the Doors

0 - 4: Errrr... What were you actually doing in geography lessons? Maybe listen in on the children's home schooling next time.

5 - 9: You need to get out more. When legally permissible, of course.

10 - 14: Better, but you won't be winning any pub quizzes - virtual or otherwise - with a score like that.

15 - 18: Wow. Impressive. Fancy a job?

19: Your underwear appears to be on fire.""