Travel Quiz

The Inaugural Original Travel Quiz

The Inaugural Original Travel Quiz

Picture the scene. It's the Original Travel office Christmas party, and several members of the team break into an impromptu round of the 'Guess the Three-Letter Airport Code' game. One of the interns is overheard to say: 'Wow, you lot really are travel nerds.' Thank you, Fenella - there is literally no finer compliment. You see, travel nerdery (copyright new word) might not make us much fun at parties but it's how we know which lodge in the Okavango Delta is nearest to a rare Pel's fishing owl nest, or who the best guide would be to entertain children on a walking tour of Rome with gory gladiator details. In short, travel nerdery is how we tailormake your trips to perfection.

But there's a problem. At the moment, all that expertise is going to seed. With no-one able to travel for the time being we're like world class athletes stuck at home not able to compete. There are two solutions. First: the slow but steady rise in the number of enquiries we're seeing as clients plan for life after lockdown. And the other? Simple - until the trickle of enquiries becomes a torrent again we have tasked the team with designing a devilishly difficult travel quiz.

So, drum roll please, welcome to the inaugural Original Travel Quiz. With questions provided by teams from across the business from Finance (guess the currency) to Flights (yes, those three-letter airport codes) you can pit yourself against the true travel experts. Or shamelessly steal the questions for when you're hosting your next virtual pub quiz. Good luck!


The Questions

  1. In which country do tiger quolls live?
  2. What is the capital city of Bolivia?
  3. The flag on the left is the national flag of which country?


  1. What is the currency of Albania?
  2. Which airport is KEF the code for, and which city does it serve?
  3. In which city and country do they celebrate Las Fallas festival (bonus point for the month of the year)?
  4. Where in the world is the place above and to the right? (one point each for the place and the country)


  1. What is the official language of Ethiopia?
  2. How many hours ahead of GMT is Japan?
  3. 'This caribou limb' is an anagram of what place in North America?
  4. What is the longest river in South Africa?
  5. Which place do the above images represent?



  1. In which place and country is the climax of the film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, where they find the Holy Grail, filmed?
  2. Where does the egg and tomato dish menemen come from?
  3. And finally a question from Joel, our Concierge in France. To the nearest 100ft (we converted from metres!), how tall is the Eiffel Tower? a) 900ft, b) 1,100ft, c) 1,300ft?


The Answers

  1. Australia
  2. Trick question! Bolivia in fact has two capitals. One point for either, but two if you said La Paz (the seat of government) and Sucre (the legal capital and the seat of the judiciary)
  3. Laos
  4. The Albanian Lek
  5. Keflavik, which serves Reykjavik in Iceland
  6. Valencia, Spain. The celebrations take place in the week running up to the grand finale on the 19th March
  7. The Great Zimbabwe ruins, Zimbabwe
  8. Amharic
  9. Japan is GMT +9
  10. British Columbia
  11. The Orange River (1,367 miles long) which rises in Lesotho and then flows through South Africa, Namibia and Botswana
  12. Easter Island
  13. Petra, Jordan
  14. Turkey
  15. 1,100ft. The exact height from base to tip is 1,063ft


Scores on the Doors

0 - 5: Errrr... What were you actually doing in geography lessons? Maybe listen in on the children's home schooling next time.

6 - 10: You need to get out more. When legally permissible, of course.

11 - 15: Better, but you won't be winning any pub quizzes - virtual or otherwise - with a score like that.

16 - 20: Wow. Impressive. Fancy a job?

21: Your underwear appears to be on fire.