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Go on an Online Adventure with Original Travel and Oppidan Education

Go on an Online Adventure with Original Travel and Oppidan Education

We have partnered with the leading children's mentoring firm Oppidan Education to offer families the chance to learn about the world remotely, and enjoy online adventures, until the time soon when we are all able to visit again for real.

There will be ten live, interactive online modules relating to some of our favourite family-friendly destinations. Aimed at children aged eight to 13, they will be a fantastic resource for parents home-schooling during the coronavirus lockdown. Combining the expertise of Oppidan Education, a company reshaping the rules of online learning and mentorship, and Original Travel's award-winning family holiday experience, these modules are guaranteed to keep children both educated and entertained, and their curiosity and wanderlust in the world very much alive.

#OneDaySoon, when we're able to travel again, Original Travel will be here to help make these holiday dreams a reality.

The ten modules include:

The Treasures of Tokyo

Learn about Japan's ancient arts of origami, sushi and karate, just like in our Trotting Around Tokyo, Castles in Kyoto & Hiking in Hakone: Japan for Families itinerary

Rambling in Rome

Take virtual tours of ancient ruins and learn how to make pizza from scratch, getting you ready for a family long weekend in Rome.

Finding your Fjord

Learn what the mysterious Northern Lights really are so that you can impress your friends on your own adventure to Norway.

Havana Oh La La

Take a virtual dance through Cuba's intriguing history, culture, food and architecture, before you plan your own Big Short Break to Havana.

Minor Tours of Greece

Intrigued by our adventure to the Cyclades Islands? Why not meet the Greek myths' and legends and learn about the original Olympians on an online exploration first?

Costa Eurica

Delve into the Costa Rica's unique eco-system and take a virtual zipwire ride to get yourself ready for our Wildlife, Nature & Active Adventures Costa Rica Family Self-Drive Holiday.

Big Up Botswana

Animal lovers will love wildlife-rich Botswana, so take a virtual tour of the country's savannah, wetlands and saltpans before you see it all in real life on our Super Safaris, Bushcraft Skills & Meeting Meerkats: A Family-Friendly Wildlife Adventure in Botswana.

Vietnam Charm

Get to know the charm of Vietnam, a country so rich in history, culture and epic landscapes you'll want to jump through your computer to get there. You'll be more excited than ever to try out our fun-filled family holiday to Vietnam.

The Soundtracks of America

If you've always wanted to take the Original Travel musical trip through the USA's Deep South, this online class will take you on a tour of the country's soundscape, from country and western to blues and jazz.

You Won't Believe Tel Aviv

Vibrant Tel Aviv in Israel is all about history, culture and epic food. Learn about The White City on an e-adventure before heading off on your very own family exploration of Tel Aviv once we can travel the world again.