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Find Your Inner Olympian: Sit-Down Sports Around the World

Find Your Inner Olympian: Sit-Down Sports Around the World

The Olympics are in full swing and that means just one thing: as a nation we're collectively glued to our telly boxes. We're all suddenly experts on fencing (""excellent use of the appel there"") and can't tear ourselves away from the table tennis (""did you see that slow spinny topspin?""). And while we've all been cheering on Team GB to gold medal glory, something of a trend has become apparent: we're awfully good at sitting down. Cycling, rowing, dressage, sailing - the Brits really do excel at the sedentary sports. So the team here at Original Travel took a leaf out of Sir Ben Ainslie et al's book and had a good sit down and a think about the best places on the planet to partake in such derriere-dedicated activities. If only sitting on the sofa and having a cuppa qualified for the Olympics...


Canoeing in Botswana

The glory of the boat is that it gives us land-loping types the ability to explore otherwise inaccessible areas. And canoeing in a traditional mokoro in Botswana's Okavango Delta is a case in point. It makes a rather lovely change to enjoy the prolific wildlife (think hippo, elephant, lion and leopard) from the tranquillity of the water.


Ranching in the USA

Who hasn't fantasised about Clint Eastwood at some point? Now, now - we're talking channelling your inner cowboy and heading on a ranching holiday. Stay amidst undulating hills and mountains and take in your surroundings aboard a trusty steed (Stetson and cowboy boots optional), learn to herd cattle, take in a rodeo or even visit a western ghost town. And there's a fabulous array of accommodation to choose from, from family resort ranches to working cattle ranches (for the full John Wayne experience).


Sailing in Indonesia

Don't be alarmed, you won't actually have to lift a finger, you will in fact be aboard one of the finest liveaboard boats in the world, the Silolona. This 150ft luxury yacht caters for ten guests with a mere 17 staff (not a bad ratio). There is simply no better way to explore, snorkel and dive your way around the waters of Indonesia, West Papua, Malaysia and Thailand.


Cycling in Bolivia

You don't need Bradley Wiggins' mod haircut or Chris Hoy's thighs to enjoy a spot of cycling and there are few more dramatic arenas than Bolivia's Uyuni Salt Flats - the largest on earth. Take getting away from it all to a new level by staying in a hyper-luxurious Airstream camper van, from which you can cycle out onto the vast expanse of white salt, encountering cacti-studded islands, rock formations and even the odd flamingo. Desolate in its beauty and otherworldly in character, this salty desert is a real bucket list destination.


Rowing in Slovenia

Slovenia is a real pocket rocket of a destination with its cosmopolitan capital, looming mountains, sprawling forests and, most iconic all, the fabulously photogenic Lake Bled (you'd be forgiven for thinking you'd somehow ended up in Canada or New Zealand). For the best views in the house hire a boat and row yourself across to the small island in the centre of the lake, buy an ice cream and just sit back, relax and soak up your surroundings.