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Epic Ways to Come out of Lockdown

Epic Ways to Come out of Lockdown

In a time of travel restrictions and lockdowns, face masks and flight cancellations, it can be difficult to imagine what our future travel plans will look like. At Original Travel, we like to think of ourselves as forward thinkers, and that's why we're already daydreaming about future holidays we want to go on one day soon and we're willing to bet that other people are too. Read on for a roundup of epic ways to come out of lockdown, from multigenerational family getaways and heavenly hiking holidays to seriously cool solo adventures...


Wave Goodbye to Social Distancing on a... Multigenerational Family Holiday

With families around the world in isolation, what better holiday after lockdown than with a big family holiday to an exotic, far-flung destination. Kenya - with its luxurious private hire lodges, world-class safari guides and captivating coastline - is one of our top picks. Spend your days bumping across the bush in search of the Big Five or holed up on an oyster-white beach, and your evenings spent enjoying a delicious dinner in a luxurious villa with the whole clan... bliss. Another great option for a multigenerational family holiday is South Africa. With whale watching and wine-tasting in the Winelands and countless safari options inland, it's bound to go down a treat with family members young and old.


Set off on a... Solo Adventure

While some of us will be pining for more social contact after the lockdown is lifted, others will be looking forward to some much-needed alone time; a solo adventure holiday is just what the doctor ordered. In Canada's Yukon region, we can craft a nature, wildlife and hiking itinerary that is crammed full of excitement from paddling the Yukon river, with stays in a remote lakeside cabin surrounded by nature. Patagonia is another front runner for a solo adventure holiday, with stunning scenery, vast national parks and a handful of gorgeous lodges (plus a low population density... perfect for anyone who fancies social distancing for a little longer). And if you thought safaris were reserved for families and couples? Think again! On a solo safari holiday in Namibia, get lost in the sun-baked sand dunes of the Skeleton Coast and spend your days enjoying some one-on-one time with mother nature.


Enjoy the Great Outdoors on a... Hiking Holiday

If you've discovered a newfound love for walking during your allotted exercise outings, then a hiking holiday is the thing for you. For a temples and trekking combo, head to Vietnam and Cambodia where you can stretch your legs while venturing into the hills, and satisfy your cultural cravings with visits to ancient architectural wonders and faraway villages along the way. No hiking holiday is complete without plenty of treats to keep your energy levels up. Walk the wildernesses of Australia's outback for a taste of the great outdoors and then enjoy an actual taste of some great food and wine in Sydney, or head to South Australia's beautiful Barossa region.


Give Back on a... Philanthropic Holiday

As the world finds its feet after the lockdown is lifted, countries across the globe will be relying on tourism to get things up and running again. On a philanthropic holiday, combine philanthropy and tourism for a spot of philantourism (see what we did there) where you can help support the destinations that need it the most, from taking part in community-run projects to staying in sustainable lodges and getting stuck into the local culture. In Sri Lanka, soak up the culture while learning the basics of traditional drumming, learning to cook a mean curry in Galle and venturing into the tranquil Tea Country. Alternatively, head to the Maldives for underwater adventures with expert local divers and the chance to learn about Maldivian culture while meeting local craftspeople and attending educational presentations.


Continue Learning New Skills on a... Reconnect Holiday

If the lockdown left you with some time on your hands to pick up new hobbies, why not continue the learning once the travel restrictions are lifted with a reconnect holiday? Whether you're after a complete digital detox or simply a break from your normal routine with a chance to try your hand at traditional skills, we've got you covered. In Norway, step back in time as you hike along ancient pilgrimage trails, cook up a storm using traditional Norwegian recipes and forage for food along the shoreline. Alternatively, head to Romania where you can explore the beautiful Transylvanian countryside, witness ancient skills such as ironmongery and visit historic villages. For an off-the-beaten-track adventure, reconnect with mother nature in Guyana, a small South American country with few tourists and huge swathes of pristine rainforest to delve into (85% of the country is covered in them) where you can get back to basics and learn how to fish using a bow and arrow.