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Countries Welcoming Brits with Open Arms

Countries Welcoming Brits with Open Arms

If you could take a sneak peek into the future, what would you look for? In 'normal times' the answer might be this Saturday's lottery numbers, or the next Grand National winner, but right now all our wanderlust-saturated minds want to know is where we'll be able to travel again this summer.

There's another month before the Global Travel Taskforce announces its plans to reopen international travel, while vaccine passports and travel corridors remain undecided, but a few countries have done away with the need for a crystal ball and revealed their hand already.

The destinations below are making all the right noises about welcoming vaccinated Brits with open arms as soon as possible (May 17th at the earliest, if the government's road map stays on schedule). Not only is this a lovely show of faith in the UK's vaccination programme, but at a time when insider intel is gold dust, it's also the sort of marginal gain those of us desperate to get away can take full advantage of.

As we all well know by now, rules and restrictions can change with very little notice. We will keep you updated with the latest information as and when we hear it, and don't forget that our Flexibility Promise allows you to book now and change your mind later.



Portugal might currently be on the Government's 'red list' of countries requiring hotel quarantine on your return to the UK, but this is likely to change, and according to the Secretary of State for Tourism, Portugal is working towards 'restriction-free travel, not only for vaccinated people, but those who are immune or who test negative.'



The wild, open, crowd-free landscapes of Iceland are the ideal antidote for anybody suffering cabin fever. The country's current Covid measures include testing and quarantine, but they're hoping that those who can prove that they've been vaccinated will be able to bypass this as of May.



As of January 2021, arrivals into intriguing and beautiful Romania will not need to quarantine, provided they can show proof of having had both doses of the Covid vaccinations, with at least ten days between the second dose and travelling.



The Seychelles has announced its border will be open to all visitors (except those from, or transitioning through, South Africa) regardless of their vaccination status. Visitors will still be required to present a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours prior to departure, but movement within the Seychelles won't be restricted and they won't need to quarantine. As with Portugal, the Seychelles are still on the 'red list' but the smart money is on that being lifted.



Cyprus has said it will open its borders to vaccinated tourists from May, meaning that we might well be able to visit the so-called 'island of love' without needing a negative test or quarantine.


And finally... Greece

Greece is in 'preliminary discussions' with the UK regarding a travel agreement for vaccinated Brits. The details are still being ironed out, but the country's tourism minister has said that it will be open regardless of any pending decisions on vaccine passports.