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Bring Back Spontaneity: Make an 'Impulse Bye'

Bring Back Spontaneity: Make an 'Impulse Bye'

Remember spontaneity? The thrill of dropping everything to go somewhere or do something on a whim was half the fun. Sadly, for most of us as we've grown older and increasingly weighed down with responsibilities, spontaneity has tended to take ever more of a back seat. Now, in the era of coronavirus induced uncertainty, it's fair to say most of us have given spontaneity - particularly in terms of travel - the last rites.


Time to Take a (Calculated) Risk

But should we? Granted, the 'whack-a-mole' nature of the quarantine imposition probably means that you can kiss goodbye to a last-minute family holiday this summer, but beyond early September we can and should take a collective stand to bring back spontaneity. To clarify: being spontaneous is not the same as throwing caution to the wind; spontaneity is about taking a calculated risk based on the best available information. When it comes to travel and making that 'impulse bye', you're talking to the right people.


Reasons to Believe

How so? Well, to list just a few reasons, our unparalleled travel industry intel means we have a pretty good read on which countries are at risk of being added to the quarantine naughty step (and coming off it). Then there's our new coronavirus confidence Flexibility Promise, which makes us as supple as a yoga instructor so you can book on an impulse. Should the FCDO (Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office - formerly Foreign & Commonwealth Office)/quarantine situation change you're safe in the knowledge that we can switch you to another equally amazing destination, postpone the trip or refund you, so there's nothing to lose. We've also negotiated new (and rare) coronavirus-covering Travel Insurance with Campbell Irvine so you're covered on that front too.


Literally Last Minute

Those are just some reasons to consider considering a trip, but if you make the shift from wondering to wandering, we're primed and proud of our legendary turnaround time, too. Over the years we've regularly booked trips for clients to travel the next day, and with our network of clued-up Concierges in situ, they can curate the trip as you go along. Wake up one glorious morning and want to do something cultural, or visit a local winery for a tasting of the latest vintage? Send a message to the Concierge over breakfast and they will be busy beetling away planning something memorable while you're debating that second croissant. (Go on, you're on holiday).


Dream a Little

And if you needed reminding why we travel (understandable - it's been a while) then take a moment to daydream about your next adventure; think of long lazy lunches of freshly cooked local delicacies, of wandering around charming towns, of staying in chic boutique beach retreats, of siestas in hammocks swinging gently in the breeze.... Sorry, where were we? Got a little lost in the moment there. In short, get ready to celebrate the sheer sense of otherness that we all yearn for and that only travel can remedy.


Green Light Go!

So what are you waiting for? Kid-free couples will know full well that once the schools go back (get something right, please, Mr Williamson) September is pretty much the perfect time to visit Europe, and no-one knows the Continent like we do. Meanwhile, stressed out parents can also consider a Me-cation, where one of you is left holding the baby/child/teenager while the other enjoys some well-deserved 'me time' on a Solo Holiday, or a trip with friends. Brownie points galore guaranteed for those staying home (don't worry, you can always practice tag team travel), and for those actually on holiday, some blessed R&R. Quite frankly, after the past few months, we've all earned a break. We've even created a dedicated page where you can find out exactly where's open for tourists and see a selection of our favourite itienraries, so head over there and start dreaming.