Are We Nearly There Yet?

Are We Nearly There Yet?

Keep the use of that dreaded phrase to a minimum with these road tested ruses...


The Old Ones Are the Best

A little bit of planning here, some minimal additional packaging there, and hey presto you're primed with family-friendly games for the road. Top Trumps, travel-sized Connect Four (cue happy flashbacks), travel-sized Battleship. These classic games transcend the generations.


Sharky & George Fun Packs

All children aged three to ten receive a fun pack designed by children's party specialists Sharky & George. They contain challenges and games to keep the little ones engaged, including a quiz and fun facts about your destination for that all-important educational element.


The Right Fuel

No, we're not talking diesel or unleaded, but rather what snacks to pack in order to refuel the children. Avoid sugary things if you want to minimise the risks of happy highs followed by not so happy lows!



If you're looking at a longer journey, make sure you've downloaded some suitable audiobooks (or brought some old CDs). We can recommend some destination-specific crackers such as the Lauren St John White Giraffe Series for African Trips or the Roman Mysteries by Caroline Lawrence for Italy Trips.


I Spy... Other Fun Games

I Spy will only get you so far, but My Granny Went to Market (and bought...) is a nailed on the classic. The only downside? Realising how terrible your memory is compared to the children's.


Take Your Tablets

If all else fails, and much as we hate to admit it, sometimes a digital nanny is a game-changer. Make sure the iPads (other tablets available) are fully charged, filled to the brim with the children's favourite series and films and that there are enough screens to go around.