80 Senses: #9 - Libya

80 Senses: #9 - Libya

We look forward to sending people back to Libya. In time.After a year of turmoil in North Africa and the Middle East, the dust seems finally to be settling. The deeply unpleasant Syrian dictator Bashar Assad is still - at time of writing - clinging to power with increasingly bloodstained fingers, but most of the countries that experienced an Arab Spring have reached their denouement.


What happens next?

What happens next is still not entirely predictable, but we are delighted to welcome back Tunisia and Egypt into the fold of countries that Original Travel knows, loves and highly recommends visiting. There's no denying, however, that these two had it relatively easy. When confronted by their protesting populations these two nations' rulers stepped back from the brink and fled after minimal bloodshed.


Fascinating Libya

Not so Gaddafi, and the ensuing nasty civil war is still searingly fresh on the minds of his people and any observers who are passionate about Libya, or justice for that matter. Now we need to watch, wait and see how the rebuilding process unfolds. That Gaddafi cynically dismantled the apparatus that helps 'normal' states to function means the next few months and years will be tough, but the early noises are encouraging. Here's hoping that's not wishful thinking, and that we can soon start sending clients to this fascinating country again. That is surely in everybody's interests, and we look forward to introducing people to Roman sites like Leptis Magna (above) and the vastness of the Acacus Mountains - truly some of the most inspiring places to visit on our planet.


Part of our new series 'Around the World in 80 Senses', celebrating our favourite things from our extensive travels. As with any self-respecting list, there's absolutely no scientific basis to the choices we've made. It's all shamelessly subjective, and we'll be listing this year's 80 Senses (in no particular order) between now and Christmas, so keep an eye out for new entries here on the blog and on our Twitter and Facebook pages.